New Music: Jhené Aiko f/ James Fauntleroy – ‘Wrap Me Up’

Jhené Aiko

Baby, it’s cold outside, but Jhené Aiko warms it up with love this holiday season on “Wrap Me Up” featuring singer-songwriter James Fauntleroy. The L.A. songstress sets off sparks as she coos over the tender jam, produced by TDE’s in-house producer Tae Beast.

“Silent night, hold me tight/ In your arms, all is right,” sings Jhené, whose Def Jam debut Souled Out is due in early 2013 featuring production from No I.D., KeY Wane, and the Fisticuffs.

Put this one on as you cozy up with a loved one by the fireplace.

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  1. BayBay

    This is the first Jhene Aiko song I like! All her other songs are way too out of the box! great song! Her sister Mila J had much better music tho.


    coolnessandflyness Reply:



    NEUTRON Reply:

    @BayBay, WAHT?!

    Please tell me youre joking.


    Lee Reply:

    @BayBay, “way too out of the box” ??? -__- I guess Jhene’s clever usage of words and composition arent for all of us. I find that Mila has a more classic mainstream R&B approach which is okay but I like the feeling that Jhene’s music gives you. Relatable but very, “Once upon a time” ago, very…dreamy and just perfect!


  2. Stan

    Love it.


  3. ZZX

    So nice!


  4. Jaz

    Amazing! Anything she sings I love it!


  5. Ice

    Gorgeous and she can sing, perfect.


  6. Conquer



  7. HeavyHeavy

    Love Love Love it. Cant wait till the debut album drops. Pure talent.


  8. Hate Nicki

    Her sister Mila J is better, I agree.

    But Jhene is good too! This song is different for her. I do like it but not as much as songs from her very 1st baby album and her Sailing Soul(s) mixtape and some songs that leaked before her debut and mixtape.

    It’s like someone is making her work with good writers, producers…it’s a bit forced now.


    Dopeness Reply:

    @Hate Nicki, is working with good writers and producers a bad thing?


    Chloe Spade Reply:

    @Hate Nicki, but ummm she writes her own music…


  9. Cj



  10. Ewan

    What’s all the hype about? She can sing but not all that well.


  11. Proud OF Soidloah boy

    the song is Good but some people may not like it & some people may like the song even tho they think it don’t fix for her to sing the song


  12. Leeloo

    Say thanks to James!


  13. Gaz

    Like James, he needs to put out his own album already. This chick sounds like Cassie


  14. YallSoundStupid

    1st off, all of Jhene Aiko’s music released after she left TUG and after 2006, IS WRITTEN BY HER
    The Jhene you prefer was a teenager. She’s grown, 24 and un-afraid to mature. Why would she still be singing songs like “Wait No More” and “Take Over” etc?
    2nd, she came out in 2002, way before a lame ass un talented ass Cassie
    3rd Whoever said “her songs are too out of the box” must be a simple b*ch, so because YOUR too slow to comprehend, Mila’s J’s music is better? Why? Oh..because your dumb as hell.


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