Kendrick Lamar Grapples with Fame, Wants Rihanna to Play Sherane

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar put the West Coast back on the map with his critically-acclaimed debut good kid, m.A.A.d city. As 2012 comes to a close, the “Swimming Pools” MC sits down with to discuss his fear of fame, which rappers he’d like to go toe-to-toe with lyrically, and who would play Sherane in a movie on his life.

On the downside of fame: “The worst part of success is, to me, adapting to it. It’s scary. André 3000 said, ‘I hated all the attention, so I ran from it.’ I think about that. The last six months, I’ve been going crazy, thinking, ‘Is it supposed to be like this?’ Because when the cameras are on and the people are watching, that can make a person want to shut down from everything and everybody.”

On Dr. Dre’s advice: “He told me all the mistakes I shouldn’t make in this business, being a new artist. I’m in a position where a lot of dollars will be thrown my way, and it’s up to me to maintain. One of the first things he told me was that anybody ‘can get a mansion.’ He said, ‘You can get it. It’s nothing to get. You can get it tomorrow. The best thing to do is maintain it—that’s the hardest thing. Keeping it.’”

On who he would like to go toe-to-toe with: “Jay-Z, Nas, Eminem, Rakim, Kurupt… I’m on their toes, for sure. I remember when I was a young buck listening to them, I was thirteen or fourteen going back to the albums and how crazy they were. They just have a little more experience than me. I wouldn’t get in the studio with them and be nervous, I’ll put it to you that way. I wouldn’t be nervous.”

On who would play Sherane, who he raps about on the opening track of good kid, m.A.A.d city: “I would love to see Rihanna in my movie.”

On what’s next for him: “Visuals… I wouldn’t call it a short film but… that should be a hint.”

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  1. Hov

    riri is the industry whore so ya kdot i’ll fax you her number – hov


    who gonna check me boo Reply:

    @Hov, Jay respect Rih so stfu


    meme Reply:

    @Hov, industry whore? exactly who in the industry have rihanna whored around with apart from Chris Brown. Please do explain


    Ana Reply:

    @meme, Drake?


    IS U SERIOUS Reply:

    @Ana, lies. drake ego got bruise because rihanna wasn’t into him so he went on talking about how he smash in couple songs to save face. next!


    niko Reply:

    @Ana, thats the best u could do is drake! LMAO. Last I checked sleeping with 1 person when u don’t have a boyfriend doesn’t make u a whore! Have a seat hater!


    Nathan Reply:

    @meme, lmfao “apart from Chris Brown.” Damn. You just confirmed it.


    gahifbvjadljfg Reply:

    @meme, i’m sure J.Cole’s had some lol


    weezy Reply:

    @Hov, Rihanna nipples are the worst big black dot as shown on gq magazine I will prolly vomit if I see something like that
    N don’t hit me with u won’t ever get a chance to see her
    Fuk yall


  2. KT

    “They just have a little more experience than me.”

    Uh… they have A LOT more experience than you.


  3. AllAmerykhanBoy

    Yes get the industry whore to play a hoe part


    ukreporter 1 Reply:

    @AllAmerykhanBoy,: You sound bitter. What’s the matter? Did she forget you? Your butt crack is showing. Maybe she is not man enough for you


  4. anon

    “They just have a little more experience than me.”

    Usually Kendrick is more humble than that, but c’mon Kendrick both Nas and Jay-Z have more than 10 albums compared to your 2. They just have more experience PERIOD. Not to mentions over a decade

    Still got love for K. Dot, I just hope when he said that statement, it was in a different context.


    blah Reply:


    probably said it sarcastically. Kinda like…”yeah, they got a littttleee bit more experience than me”


    Hov Reply:

    @blah, no


  5. Jaleesa

    Kendrick come to St. Louis MO and perform


  6. uhhhhh

    Rihanna thing… Meek mill, Ashton kutcher, rob Pattison! Drake. Kanye west. You people ! C’mon now! And im sure there’s more. Not that she shouldn’t be able to… But.. Something about it …


    RihannaOutsoldyafave! Reply:

    @uhhhhh, Lies this is all media hype rihanna never messed with meek and meek said so himself. Drake got mad because rihanna didnt want him and through a bitch fit, Kanye west and jay z are her business partners when the beyhive got jealous they made that sleeping with HOV rumor up. Ashton kutcher… She was planning on buying his house thats why she was there. IDK where the heck that fag rob pattson came in at. Anybody rihanna is seen with she is linked to because of her sexapeal and beauty.


    errrr Reply:

    @RihannaOutsoldyafave! The fact that you are even trying to deny that drake and Rihanna hooked up is insane to me and shows that you’re sources are shit or that you are Melissa forde or something. And I never said she was sleeping with hov, i said she had hooked up with Kanye. And no one leaves someone’s house at 4am after “house hunting”. Who cares how much rihanna sold? That says nothing about her talent, which is nonexistent. Rihanna’s fan base is as mindless as she is. It’s irritating how someone has to be “jealous” if they decide to legitimately call out some blatantly obvious stuff about a celebrity. I don’t run around hating on people because of their “sex appeal and beauty.” I have enough of my own thanx. She makes pretty girls look bad to be honest! For real. I would love to like her, but honestly from her attention seeking on twitter to the fact that she like… Doesn’t really have talent… she needs help. Nothing else to say about this.


    sara Reply:

    @errrr, …..but a whole paragraph….?

    …on a Kendrick post?


    b Reply:

    @errrr, yet the grammy board keeps nominating her for grammys…yes…you know a lot about “talent” -.-


  7. Really

    dont be mad cause your fav hasnt been picked


  8. Proud OF Soidloah boy

    him & Rihanna would be A Nice couple and Nice Of Kendrick Lamar be side that Chris Brown & Kaurreche are couple again. aslo Rihanna & Drake have dated in the past for a short time maybe some of you just didn’t know that @ the time. aslo Matt Kemp, Drake,Chris brown. NO need to worry about her personal life, just the damn Music


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