The Game and Tyga Give Back to Compton for Christmas

Tyga and Game

The Game and Tyga headed back to the ‘hood for Christmas. The hometown heroes played Santa Claus as they passed out presents to kids during a toy drive in their old neighborhood of Compton on Friday.

“One family at a time…… This is good for the heart,” tweeted the generous Game, who hosted a turkey giveaway in the city for Thanksgiving.

“Me & @tyga run this town…. You wonder why people hate us….. Cause we #ComptonNi**as,” he said.

Game’s fifth album Jesus Piece debuted at No. 6 this week with 86,000, while Tyga’s new album Hotel California drops in March.

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  1. youMADstayMAD?

    YAAAAAAAAAS!!! love them for this.


    Theo Reply:

    @youMADstayMAD?, Tyga trying his best to prove he from Compton…Its a nice gesture back is always special but why not give back to the Valley busta..


  2. Mrunhateable

    Grandma in red is killing me in that 1st pic lol she looking like someone yelled “XMAS CRACK SALE!!”


    TayTay Reply:

    @Mrunhateable, baaaaahahahaha,rotflmao…#DEAD :D she’s the first person i saw in that pic


    valerie Reply:

    @Mrunhateable, no. i cant. she’s the only reason i clicked this post. im crying at your comment tho


    TakeTheseFactsB*tch Reply:

    @Mrunhateable, LMFAO! To be honest, she’s the only reason I clicked on this post as well.

    But your comment made it worth it tho.


  3. G-JP

    lol, Tyga has the same face in all the pics


  4. Jaypoh

    This is good, but let’s be honest. They could give/do a lot more between them.


  5. Bougie Kid

    Tyga’s not even from Compton, though. He only moved and stayed there awhile.


  6. Proud OF Soidloah boy

    Nice for them but I don’t think tyga is from Compton


    rjferia Reply:

    tyga is from Compton. older fans should know.


    clark187 Reply:

    ya ur right he from the cpt older fans know what up


  7. clark187

    Yes tyga is from compton and your right older fans know what’s up.


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