Video: 2 Chainz – ‘I’m Different’

2 Chainz

2 Chainz is not your average rapper. The G.O.O.D. Music affiliate marches to the beat of his own drum in the wild and crazy video for his DJ Mustard-produced anthem “I’m Different,” the latest single off his Grammy-nominated debut Based on a T.R.U. Story.

“I wrote the treatment for that and I’m really excited to continue pushing the envelope and giving the fans something to see, some excitement again, really building that curiosity up with hip-hop again—I’m happy to be one of the frontrunners for that campaign,” 2 Chainz told MTV News.

Close out the year with something different.

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  1. Ayala

    Wait this guy is being nominated for an grammy award? I guess the world IS ending


    Proud OF Soidloah boy Reply:

    @Ayala, yo mama is ending in your ugly world


    XO till we overdose Reply:

    @Proud OF Soidloah boy, a yo mama diss. Wow, can’t say I’m surprised. Just the amount of maturity I expected from a 2 chainz stan.


  2. XO till we overdose...

    yeah he is different, but different doesn’t mean good.
    if a rapper with lyrics such as “she got a big booty so i call her big booty” is a frontrunner for hip hop, then nas is right, hip hop IS dead.


    ash Reply:

    @XO till we overdose…,
    People like 2 Chainz for his energy and voice, not his lyrics. Being entertaining doesn’t mean you have to be lyrical and being lyrical doesn’t always been being entertaining. Also a lot of what 2 Chainz says is meant to be taken lightly and jokingly – as soon as I came to that realization I stopped hating him and started enjoying the shit he puts out.


  3. #TEAMaljakamillion

    Alja KaMillion and 2chainz collabo on the way. we different. Video hard doe. Boss B*tch Presence Mixtape Album hosted by Dj Bigga Rankin ft Future Feb 14th 2013


  4. ronnie

    this should be called IM UGLY AS SIN!!!!!


  5. Gr8

    2 chainz giving me 2 chainz minaj





  7. Hate Nicki

    Im different yep i’m differenty…



    DymonBoxley Reply:

    @Hate Nicki, how rude are u to not even spell different right and dont talk about my husband cause u aint him and you want to be


  8. E.Dot

    That leopard jumpsuit is different!


  9. WonderLand19

    How is this pushing the envelope?? Why is he up for an grammy?


  10. Lalala

    What is the hell is all I’m going to say…
    *walks away*


  11. Proud OF Soidloah boy

    this Music video is pretty funny guess he want to do something totally diffrent then his other Video Nice video


  12. ML

    I remember a time when GOOD Music were focused on quality music. What a garbage. What a shame.


  13. Grant

    By “different,” he means shitty.


  14. BAWSE

    2 chainz


  15. Swag_2013

    2 chainz is the best rapper out right now. On the real, he’s changing the game forever. I also got soulja boy and Lil B as the 2nd and 3rd best rappers out right now.


  16. B CHILDS

    and as for the video. horrible and a waste of money. He shoulda came to LA, shot the video here where, the people already have a connection to the track (DJ MUSTARD) and would’ve turned up he coulda got some great footage and still tried to stick to that embarrassing treatment


  17. T cajun

    For those who hating and dissing him STFU! He getting paid. What y’all doing? Punching in at a got damn time clock. If I didnt like him I wouldn’t say sh_t. Cause he getting money. Legal!


  18. Keyon

    Yo 2 Chainz im different is like he might be different or not but I like this song Yyyyaaaa birthday 2 chainz they ask me what i do and how i do it for all i wont 4 my birthday is a big botty hoe all i wont 4 my birthday is a big botty hoe


  19. Keyon

    you shited on yourself thats why


  20. DymonBoxley

    This is my jam when he was like hair long he threw his long hair back 2wice


  21. brima

    2 Chainz is gud, we need a different flavour in hip hop, hate or luv it.. i like soulja boy 2


  22. 45

    fuck you all


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