New Music: Austin Brown – ‘Highway 85 Mixtape, Vol. 1′

Highway 85

The Jackson family continues to produce stars. Michael and Janet’s nephew, Austin Brown, debuts his new mixtape Highway 85. The 11 tracks, a mix of old school R&B with a new school vibe, include the single “Menage a Trois” and an appearance from David Banner (“All I Need”).

“This mixtape is dedicated to the best man I’ve ever known my father Nathaniel Brown,” said Austin, who is a member of the production team The Backpackkids (JoJo’s “We Get By”).

Take a drive down Austin’s highway.

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  1. Zave

    Yea, so ummm NO


    Britt Reply:

    @Zave, I’m sure you can’t do any better.


  2. @iddgggaaaafffff

    i actually expected a lot more from this but i cannot say that it is musical genius or even average. it’s not really that great, good efforts though.


  3. Morgan

    I’ve met Austin before and he’s nothing but kind, humble and talented — most of all. In my experience, people just have to find something negative to say because of who his family is. But at least he’s not trying to piggyback off his family’s success like those Sylvers kids. Great mixtape, Austin! Love your style.


    Tam20 Reply:

    @Morgan, no one said anything about him as a person. people have the right to not like his music. & no one cares who his family is. & as far as piggybacking, he sounds like he is trying to mimick Michael Jackson’s style. I can see his voice being similar but why try & copy MJ’s style if you are trying to stand on your own??!!? Same runs and delivery & type of music?!?
    He may be a nice guy but it’s a pass for me on this mixtape. Come original & I’ll listen again.


    PROUND OF soldier boy Reply:

    @Tam20, Co-sign. I agree You are right about that


  4. Shay

    sorry but no. it does nothing for me.


    Trace Reply:

    @Shay, Maybe he should call you a “bitch” and a “hoe.” Disrespect make you dance, huh?


    Shay Reply:

    @Trace, why would i like to be called a “b*tch” & a “ho”?!??! you got all that from me saying i dont like the mixtape? what are you 12?


  5. Lauren

    “City of Angels,” “Menage A Trois” are my favorites. Nice.


  6. KKT

    Menage A Trois is soooooo dope


  7. Chelsea

    He can definitely sing, but as for the mixtape itself, sorry i just cant really get into it.


  8. Marcell

    everybody dance and sing now so you cant really hes trying to be mj,in that case then everybody from chris brown to justin bieber trying,just give this guy a chance to show us good music


  9. PROUND OF soldier boy

    He got some pretty Good song! nice song list


  10. g_music17

    he’s got a great voice. i’m liking a few of the songs. i expected a bit more, but it’s still a nice listen. i wish him the best with music because he is extremely talented!


  11. Drew

    I remember seeing the music video for ‘Menage A Trois’ and i liked that one. It’s different vibe and his sound wasn’t like everyone else, and ‘All I Need’ reminded me of an old school 90 song called ‘Virtual Insanity’ by jamiroquai, which made me like it for some reason because it gave me this 90s vibe. As far as the mixtape goes…I enjoyed 5 of the songs. I didn’t like ‘All I Need’ because the other version i have doesn’t have David Banner on it & that solo version sounds better.


  12. elizabeth

    I love it. Todays music is all the same and it is slowly getting worse and worse. This is more old style and its brilliant. All the negative comments would be different if he was a person from a random place that no one knew, just because he is from the jacksons dosent change anything. He has obviously put a lot of effort and time into the albumn and it shows. I believe you shouldn’t put others down in a category you fail in. He is really good, better than any gangnam song or cheesy teenage song. He may sound like michael because hes related? Michael was his inspiration, along with others. He took tips of them and he has created his own style. The Jackson family are just all so talented, they have been blessed with the power of rythme and dance and they all express their talent. He is expressing what he loves, just like Michael, Janet, Jeramine and all the jacksons. The album is brilliant, hope it goes big. Cant wait to see him grow!


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    theodoric Reply:

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  14. Gyary

    There is a lot of potential for Brown to experiment with this old-school sound, but I’m not moved by this mixtape.


  15. Ya Fav 1ne

    mixtape is also

    Got that 70s MJ(late Jackson 5 early Jacksons) vibe to it

    My Fav is definitely Groove 92 and F’d with My Mind


  16. Crunk N*gg

    Like Michael Jackson without the talent.


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