New Music: Brandy – ‘How High’


Brandy unwraps a gift for her fans on Christmas Day with “How High,” a previously unreleased song that did not make her album Two Eleven. The R&B songstress goes all in when it comes to love on the mid-tempo cut, which features a verse from her rap alter ego Bran’Nu.

“When you say jump, I’ll say how high/ I wanna touch the sky,” sings a lovestruck Brandy.

Catch the high below.

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  1. Oil & Water

    Her voice is just…smh. Jesus himself must’ve taught her how to sing. That tone is magic


  2. 2bad2bme



  3. Curt

    and that for some reason makes you want to shake your head??? I’d be shaking my head at why the better songs never make it on the album, or as singles.


  4. Bran Star

    LOVE the song…There just aren’t enough adjectives in the dictionary to describe how AMAZING Brandy is…I’m sure many will be pleased to have the full song after hearing it on AFB a couple years ago.

    That being said, this tells me that Brandy needs to write more herself! Forget a Sean Garrett, Pick up that PEN GHandy Norwood!!


    JB Reply:

    @Bran Star, I was just thinking the same thing today. The songs that I really enjoy from Brandy are the ones where she writes herself. She just does a great job connecting to the listener. I was listening to album Human the song entitled Human just today and I really like that song and she co-wrote it.


  5. Swag_2013

    OMG she is so amazing!!!!! Rihanna who??!!


  6. jonnyjon

    Yes!!!!!! That voice is a national treasure.


  7. Marc

    She is so dope for real


  8. Thetruth

    Brandy is a freaking B E A S T! Her vocals are everything


  9. STEM

    LOVE IT!…not for nothing but her lyrics in the rap part was BANGIN!


  10. meme

    her voice is so inviting. How can you like her songs. I think its something about songs that talk about being high…lol, this song, toni braxton so high and jhene higher…….addicting.


  11. Crystallife

    OMG! I Love this song! Brandy know she can sing! And her flow is hot too!


  12. Diego

    Too bad her album floped y’all make her out to be this savior of the world of music and this album tanked harder than the last one


    yooooooooooo Reply:

    @Diego, its not just about commercial success and sales. If she made stupid daance-pop tracks (ie rihanna, some beyonce songs), im sure she would be more successfull. BRANDY BRINGS QUALITY R&B


    commanderofthedancefloor Reply:

    @yooooooooooo, that is such a lie, how many times do people say oh if they make dance music they would sell good, well not hunny they would not.

    rihanna and beyonce make more than dance music and sell. leona lewis tried dance music and didnt sell, neyo did dance music and didnt sell. if brandy did it she still would not sell, sorry brandy but your fans need to be set straight. hell beyonce even did r&b and still sold more than brandy did, and her songs charted higher too so have several seats.


    justaying Reply:

    @commanderofthedancefloor, Im glad someone said it !! I love brandy but truth is truth !!


    But Reply:


    But they also have a larger fanbase so I’m pretty sure they would sell regardless. *shrugs*

    Love this song btw


  13. LouLou

    Sang Brandy!!! Who cares if her album didn’t sell. She makes amazing music and that’s all you can ask for as a fan. Amazing voice and amazing song!


    W Reply:

    @LouLou, exactly. Some people act like they were label executives worrying about their money, lol


  14. SantaBey

    People NEVER support great music. period! This is the generation of pop tart, disposable, generic music. If that’s the type of music you’re into making; you’re in the money!


  15. Soaring

    YES to all of these comments!!!!!! Brandy is an understated gem. Forget the haters. Her tone, vocal runs and rifts are like none other. Her voice is a luxury.


  16. Indie Reece

    I am in awe… She deserves so much more credit than she recieves. She is truly an Angel in Disguise with such heavenly voice. And I agree @Oil & Water God himself must’ve taught her to sing.


  17. Jay-Me

    I really like this. Why was this not on Two Eleven? KMT !


  18. bibi93



  19. yooooooooooo (keri stan)

    WOOOOW! lovin it,, even her rapping sounds soulul


  20. SayAyeYoJay

    Yauss Brandy!! Merry Christmas to my ears!! Y didn’t this make the album?!!


  21. IV.

    She looks like Kelly Rowland in that picture.


    sweetdiva Reply:

    @IV., She wish!


  22. GrammarPolice

    Sounding JUST like Dawn Richard on the verses of this record.

    Chorus is weak.


    anonymous ok Reply:

    @GrammarPolice, Brandy sounds like Brandy, and Dawn sounds like Dawn. The comparisons are not even necessary, they both make great music and that’s all that matters.


    TakeTheseFactsB*tch Reply:

    @GrammarPolice, Lol!, You do know that Brandy has been in the game since the 90′s right?

    If anything, Dawn sounds like HER!

    In my opinion they’re NOTHING alike, one is a original while the other trys wayyyyy to hard.


  23. PROUND OF soldier boy

    pretty good song


  24. PROUND OF soldier boy

    GOOD SOng


  25. Jay

    Nice song!! I’ve heard this before. This is a more undated version. Sounds a lot more crisp. Brandy’s voice is just…WOW!!! That tone kills! And I don’t care what anybody says, I love when Brandy raps! :)


  26. RM

    Finally!!!! now can we please get “make believe” and “can’t cope (it was fire then the rain came)” both of these songs were on family business and they sound amazing its sad they didn’t make Two Eleven. Please release them!!!


  27. Naiheem

    I love anything that brandy puts those beautiful vocals on


  28. just click

    just click || New Music: Brandy – ‘How High’

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