Rap-Up TV: Marcus Canty Shares His Top 5 Albums of 2012

R&B ruled Marcus Canty’s playlist in 2012. As part of our ongoing series, the “X Factor” alum sat down with Rap-Up TV to reveal his top 5 albums of the year. Find out why Rihanna’s Unapologetic connected with Marcus, why he fell in love with Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream, and which singer keeps R&B alive.

Marcus is hoping that he makes some best-of-the-year lists next year. His debut EP This…Is Marcus Canty arrives March 5 featuring “Used by You” and the Wale-assisted single “In & Out.”

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  1. DanceAgain

    who !?


    Frankie Reply:

    @DanceAgain, Learn to read.


  2. MurderThis

    Chile… Noone is here for Marcus Canty… The real gag is we all know his “secret”.. HOWWW YOU DOING??


    Issa Reply:

    @MurderThis, You’re here for him. You clicked the link, so …





  4. SantaBey

    Who is this again…..?????


    Jess Reply:

    @SantaBey, Don’t hate on Christmas Day. Beyonce would not be pleased.


  5. Natasha

    why is he even getting interviewed? He just said mostly popular artists to get some sort of attention.


    Ewan Reply:

    @Natasha, Ummm … because he’s a celeb and you’re not. Oops, you tried.


    Natasha Reply:

    @Ewan, lol that could be debated.



    Wow! Look at all the haters here on this glorious day! I’m so proud of Marcus and I know why he’s being interviewed. If yall don’t know who he is now, you definitely will in 2013 because he has some great music coming out. “This…Is Marcus Canty” is out January 22nd baby!


    MurderThis Reply:

    @TEAM CANTY, if we don’t know by now, we will never know… It could be 2035 and we still ain’t checking for Marcus Hunty.


    Hellioss Reply:

    @TEAM CANTY, He has already released great music with ‘Won’t make a fool out of you’, this song was the shit. ‘In & Out’ as well in a different style.
    Can’t wait for his album to come out #TeamCantyAllTheWay


    Pilar Reply:

    @TEAM CANTY, Exactly. Can’t wait for his new music!


  7. W

    Rihanna and Chris Brown two of the best 5 albums??


    I like them both, but…. lest be serious, there are wayyyyyy better albums and artists out there and making really different and unique things.

    But I guess this singer doesnt use to hear too much music appart from the mainstream young singers


    Deidre Reply:

    @W, It’s his opinion. Deal with it.


  8. PROUND OF soldier boy

    guess too manys people may not know who he is. nice interview


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