New Music: Meek Mill – ‘Repo’ (Cassidy Diss)

Meek Mill and Cassidy

It may be the holiday season, but that’s not stopping Meek Mill from igniting his beef with Cassidy. Following Cassidy’s diss record “Me, Myself, & iPhone,” the Maybach Music MC fires back on “Repo.”

“You a clown ass ni**a, put a wig on,” spits Meek on the five-minute tirade.

Who had the hottest bars? Hear Meek’s venomous response below and weigh in.

[Karen Civil]

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  1. Gruuuga



  2. miles

    They both acting like clowns to me


  3. Shaytan

    I like Meek Mill and he went in but Cassidy will destroy this kid. Caddisy is on some Nicki shit and will burn out fast!


  4. MusicJunkie

    Meek Better Chill ‘ That Nigga Cass Ain’t Nothing To Play With . Cass Got BARS FOR YEARS !


  5. Add Joey Mannarino on Facebook!

    Meek won. Cassidy’s did NOT come hard at all.


    X Reply:

    @Add Joey Mannarino on Facebook!, LMFAO kid you have no idea about diss!!!! Cassidy destroyed him without trying it


  6. MusicJunkie

    Cassidy Is Known For Killing Niggas Career . i think he need to pick his battles better . that Cass is nothing To play with .


    Tbozfan10 Reply:

    @MusicJunkie, including his own


  7. Inylen



  8. LOLatHaters

    Cassidy only said a few bars and Meek went on a 5 min full rant smh talking about cars clothes and money smh. Cassidy finish this nigga please.


    BeyStan Reply:

    @LOLatHaters, samething im saying


    Oh Reply:

    @BeyStan, I couldn’t agree more. This is what meek always talks about now. Just sounds like a regular meek track not a diss.


  9. X

    cassidy did and wil do it again much better. meek mill tried but failed


  10. jordan

    this is some weak shit… these idiots needs to get over themselves…n make good music..


  11. Travone

    Why are they even fighting


  12. Raj

    Weak, just like Meek is.


  13. AAA

    Yea this wasn’t that great, but point is Cassidy could body him, but no cares cuz Cassidy isn’t poppin’s meek time now…it is what it is



    Cass must be like, Meek Millz Trash. LOL


  15. Pround Siodler Mun Boy

    guess some people knew about their dissing each other because their both is from Phills they both are a clown ass mess


  16. Tha Real AK

    ima b fair i didnt hear cass diss bt dam meek went in on dis n*gga lol


  17. #YouWillDEAL

    No Lie Meek went in on Cass… Cass Needs to deliver reckless tracks like this and really get hit a Meek of he wants to keep up with this track for track diss thing they got going on ! Cause Me Myself & iPhone (diss track) was too laid back but its still a decent track (I can’t really call it a diss track because Cass didn’t go in on Meek like he could’ve or should’ve for that matter)…!


  18. Rocknazo

    Meek! Keep queit he is u Boss.


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