T.I.’s ‘Trouble Man’ Debuts at No. 2


T.I. is shaking up the charts. The Atlanta rapper’s latest album Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head debuts at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 this week.

The eighth album from the King of the South sold 179,000 copies in its first week, according to Nielsen SoundScan. It marks Tip’s eighth top 10 effort, besting 2010’s No Mercy, which debuted at No. 4 with 160,000.

His labelmate Bruno Mars was close on his heels. The R&B crooner’s sophomore set Unorthodox Jukebox slides 2-3 in its second week, selling 178,000. Bruno still holds strong on the Hot 100 as his single “Locked Out of Heaven” reigns at No. 1 for a third week.

Meanwhile, Game’s Jesus Piece falls 6-37 with 35,000 (down 59%), while Taylor Swift rules at No. 1 for a sixth non-consecutive week, selling 276,000.

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  1. HeavyHeavy

    So happy for Bruno and T.I. Shows that fans will buy good music regardless of hits (in regards to T.I.). Congrats!!!


  2. C94B

    Excellent figures for Tip. I’m sure it exceeded expectations. I don’t think it’ll go platinum before at least several years, but that’s the hazard of today’s music industry (and Hip-Hop fans). Either way, he’s back. Hopefully he doesn’t fuck this up again. Come to think about it, “King.” & “Paper Trail” were also comeback albums, which proves that when the stakes are high, Tip delivers.


  3. Charizma309

    I’m so happy for The King Of The South,T.I. I’m also a very huge fan of his and I bought the album


  4. AllAmerykhanBoy

    This Taylor Swift b*tch….


    The World Reply:

    @AllAmerykhanBoy, lol you reading my mind


  5. tatum holmes

    We live in times where ppl dont buy cd’s anymore. Disappointed with tip sales as a fan. Troubleman is a brilliant album! Hustle Gang#


  6. @Bruno_Tip

    This Taylor Swift b*tch….[2]


  7. Rauno

    Can’t believe he was able to pull over 700 000 with Paper Trail. Good figures but the album is dope, should’ve done over 200 000.


  8. ayee

    lmao.. Jesus Piece flopping hardcore.. that happens when u dont have a tim beat on yo album..


  9. Morgan

    Way more than I expected. Not a big fan of him anymore, but congrats.


  10. fuk all yall

    Yall bitches always screaming flop. But what are u sellin? Matter fact, what are yall broke ass buying. That’s why artist are flopping not because their wack but, because broke nikkas ain’t buying. yea @nickiminaj is flopping because she wack tho lol…


    Queens Reply:

    @fuk all yall, no one stated anything about anyone being a flop first of all and that wack flop Nicki Minaj as you say has the highest first week sales and sales in general even before The Reup of any hiphop album that came out in 2012 and in fact as of today the 27th of December she is the only one to go gold as well in hiphop just saying


    Oh Reply:

    @fuk all yall, Nicki sold more albums than any rapper this year tho……


  11. Chris

    Great job T.I.!

    I though it was his best work in at least 6 years, he put out a very solid album. Which is something a lot of big name artists forgot how to do.


  12. Jay



  13. Kyle

    T.I. always pulls in consistent sales. Taylor Swift is probably the luckiest girl alive. Every artist probably dreams of having sales like that nowadays. Only Taylor and Adele can do that. I still don’t see what all they hype is about with her. I don’t discriminate music at all, but I just don’t see what all the buzz is about…


  14. Pround Siodler Mun Boy

    Great for Tip Man Dope ALbum


  15. Iconic Iggy

    Congrats to T.I!! Another solid album!


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