New Music: Jaden Smith f/ Kid Cudi – ‘Higher Up’

Kid Cudi and Jaden Smith

On Christmas Eve, Jaden Smith quietly dropped his collaboration with Kid Cudi, “Higher Up.” The track was originally released as a Cudi song in 2009, and samples Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre’s “Imagine.” However, while Cudi had mentioned that he had worked with Jaden on his upcoming album Indicud, his vocals remain the same.

The 14-year-old actor/rapper confidently boasts about his one-of-a-kind style on his version. “I’m different, dawg, I wear dresses/ I’m not upset you don’t mess with my style ’cause this stuff’s aggressive,” he raps.

Get high with the MSFT and the Man on the Moon.

[Nah Right]

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  1. maz

    o jaden, what the hell are you on about.


    Swag_2013 Reply:

    @maz, He’s on that swag that you don’t know about


  2. Lisa

    I’m curious to see if his growth’ll stagnate once he reaches a certain level, ’cause, though this sounds promising, improvement is not unlimited.

    It’s not the type of track I’d listen to, but it’s alright. Nice to see someone of his age get involved like this!


  3. Robz

    Think he cool for his age. Nice.


  4. TrueMusicSeeker



  5. XO till we overdose...

    I’m different, dawg, I wear dresses
    ………………… wat


  6. Hate Nicki

    this pic looks like Cudi is learning him how to roll a joint LMAOOOOOOO


    Kanye west himself Reply:

    @Hate Nicki, learning him lol!! Stupid ass, teaching him

    if we dont have idiots like you …. Who would we lough @?


    Robin Reply:

    @Kanye west himself, laugh, tho


  7. Mr Nice Watch

    this beat is a dre beat used for a bishop lamont song like 15 years ago…


  8. Bob

    Getting their money’s worth to make these brats stars


  9. :)

    He wears dresses?


  10. Shawn

    He wears dresses? LMAO. Guys do whatever the hell they wanna do in music now. It don’t matter. People just gon’ roll with it too.


  11. A$VP Richie

    this beat is cold


  12. ladybug9000

    This is a HOT new artist!!!!!:p


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