Miguel Shares His Story on MTV’s ‘This Is How I Made It’


Miguel has become one of R&B’s most promising stars, but it didn’t happen overnight. He shares his long and difficult journey to success on MTV’s “This Is How I Made It.” The L.A. native speaks about growing up in a multiracial household in San Pedro, Calif., and not conforming to the status quo.

He was eventually signed to Jive Records, but it wasn’t long before he was slapped with a lawsuit by his former label. A broke Miguel ended up spending all his money on legal fees, and savors the day he played his first paid gig.

“Making it for me has everything to do with staying true to myself, creating things that inspire me and hopefully inspire others,” said the “Adorn” singer.

See how he turned things around on MTV’s “This Is How I Made It.”


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    I think that’s why his sophomore album is by far greater than his debut, because he was able to take more risks.

    Also he looks darker younger?


  2. miles

    Lmao this aired like a week ago though



    Still can’t stand him. Kmt!


  4. WTF

    WTF he only released 2 albums and he is already talking about how he made it. Miguel if you made it means you won a grammy and you didn’t yet.


    Ray Reply:

    @WTF, but he is nominated no matter if you won or not that says something in itself.


    WTF Reply:

    @Ray, I have to admit that thats tru


    Rachel Reply:

    @WTF, You’re a damn fool. Grammys are not the stipulation for “making it.” Do you know how many Motown & Philly Soul legends never won a Grammy and are swimming in money right now? Sit all the way down, please. It’ll save you the trouble of looking ignorant.


    WTF Reply:

    @Rachel, What Ray said meant something but you are probaly 28 years old and still live your in your momma’s house jacking of to your dreamgirl that thinks you are scary stalker so shut the fuck up


  5. Eroc

    Proof that if you make great Music you will blow up


    Oh God Why Reply:

    @Eroc, Agree, he deserves all the accolades he gets, Kaleidoscope Dream was the RnB album of the year IMO


  6. mal

    I’m so proud of this guy! from MySpace to Grammy Nominee!! Talent speaks for itself!


    SO Fresh Reply:

    @mal, yes i remember ‘sure thing’ like 2 or 3 years before it officially came out b/c my bro had it on his page…so inspired and proud of him!


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