Rap-Up TV: Jhené Aiko Names Her Top 5 Albums of 2012

2013 is looking bright for Jhené Aiko. After releasing her acclaimed mixtape Sailing Soul(s) and touring with the legendary Nas and Ms. Lauryn Hill, the singer is set to release her debut Souled Out. So what has the L.A. native been listening to for inspiration? As the year comes to a close, Jhené shares her top 5 albums of 2012 with Rap-Up TV.

Find out which artist she calls a “genius,” why she considers Kendrick Lamar the greatest rapper of our generation, and the crooner responsible for bringing back R&B.

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  1. Chris

    Seems like Kendrick got the AOTY. He’s in everybody’s top 5!


    ANTONY Reply:

    @Chris, So is Frank Ocean and Miguel? (Besides T.I whos whole list included rap and his own album)


  2. Morgan

    People are throwing Kendrick Lamar’s name around just for the hell of it now. Talented, but the greatest rapper of our generation? I think it’s sad that this generation isn’t even aware of underground rappers — and even some signed to major labels — who do not have a hype machine surrounding them and who do not have the proper promotion.


    King dro Reply:

    @Morgan, Definitely check out “Section 80″ and “O.D.”. I think they’re both free online still and maan Maad city was good but these albums are way better in my opinion


  3. King dro

    Love her, “For my Brother” was my #1 song of the year. My top 5 albums were BIG KRIT – 4eva n a day (inspiring and consistant)
    KENDRICK LAMAR – good kid, mAAd city
    FRANK OCEAN – channel ORANGE
    DOM KENNEDY – yellow album (sets a great, fun atmosphere)
    JESSIE WARE – devotion (funky old school beats with her voice slightly over-mixed. Loved it)


    Thanks! Reply:

    @King dro, Thanks for letting me know Jessie Ware! I’ve just check her out and she sounds great :)


    Chris Reply:

    @King dro, Yes I agree about Jessie Ware! Don’t sleep on this guys it is a beautiful album. So freaking chilled and well produced it will take you to another place. I think she had the best album from a female artist this year.


  4. Audrey Hepburn

    Very dense. How do you not remember the name of one of your favorite albums? :|


  5. LOKO

    The-Dream – 1977


  6. Swag_2013

    Jhene is the greatest singer of our generation!!!! :-) :-)


    A Reply:

    @Swag_2013, Jennifer Hudson


    credits Reply:

    @A, Brandy


    INCAS Reply:

    @Swag_2013, I like Jhene but that’s a hell of an overstatement


  7. :)

    “He came out”


  8. RisRobot

    Jhené Aiko is fine…


  9. Trillafood

    Shes do wack to me. I don’t get the hype with her. That Minnie mouse voice irks my body.


  10. susie

    This poor, poor generation has NOT A CLUE when it comes to lyrics that will last forever in the mind.


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