Rihanna and Chris Brown Cruise to Convenience Store

Chris Brown and Rihanna

Rihanna and Chris Brown spent the first days of 2013 together. After stepping out to the Lakers game on Christmas Day, the on-again couple was spotted cruising through Los Angeles on Wednesday.

They pulled up to a convenience store, with Chris behind the wheel of Rihanna’s Porsche 911 Turbo S, which she received as a gift from Roc Nation. Both stars sported gear from Chris’ Black Pyramid clothing line. RiRi went inside to grab an Icee before being stopped by a fan for a photo.

Rihanna appears in a commercial for the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, which first aired over the holidays. If you missed it, watch it below.

Photo credit: FameFlynet

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  1. Kay

    They so cute


  2. 4



  3. DntJudgehim

    Love how they don’t care anymore, and just go with the flow….
    But again we live in a society that has everyone in each others business..
    Rihanna love really nice in those pictures


  4. Belieber

    I dont understand Rihanna she acts like she has this thug life,hard,bad ass persona but by dating chris brown it makes her look stupid and we know it wasnt a small beating cause we saw the picture.Domestic Violence is no joke i dont think most of you guys undertsand.This is gonna stip with Him forever even when he dies just take Ike Turner as an example.I’m Not Gonna Lie But They Do Look Cute Together but its still puzzling in m head


    Really Reply:

    @Belieber, everybody has an opinion….


  5. KenBarbUk

    Don’t They Have People For Those? Attention Seeking Much?


    b Reply:

    @KenBarbUk, how dare they want to go to the corner store they damn selves…yes attention seeking…..

    shut up


    GTFOH Reply:

    @KenBarbUk, stop talking


  6. DrakeandCiaraFan

    Its funny cus the girl asked Rihanna for the picture, but didn’t ask Chris (she aint tryna get beat)


    gee Reply:

    @DrakeandCiaraFan, uh actually she did take a picture of Chris. In the fourth pic you see him leaning over in the car and posing for a shot with Rih standing back and the camera directed at him…


  7. BREEZYfan

    Anybody know what kind of shoes he’s wearing? Those are dope, I wanna cop them!


  8. Jay

    how long before he pops her again? lol


  9. C94B

    I’m not sure that’s the one offered by Roc Nation, but if that’s the one… Chris behind the wheels of a car allegedly offered by Jay-Z to Rihanna as a way to either congratulate Rihanna for letting Chris Brown go or encourage her to do so ?! Oh sh*t that’s hilarious !


  10. Mr Trrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Rhianna is expecting Chris brown baby!!!!!!


  11. Mr Trrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    haters f*ckin baaaccckkk off!!!!!!!


  12. rihannaface

    THUGLIFE rihanna has no clue about that life! if tupac was alive he will b1tch slap her like Chris already did! tina tuner beat ike down, she never broke up with him and went back she stood with him until she found god! these to are Bobby and whitney!!! chris be alive as rihanna be dead, if chris leaves her or beat the crap out of her she will end up dead!!! You see rihanna is the one that brought out the beast he still has inside of him that beast never never heal or put away, rihanna will screw it up again watch ans see……chris you screwd up big time, dont cry later for fans to support you, god plan was not for you to go back to the past to move foward…


    Ethan Reply:


    wow really? you assume tupac would do that? lol

    what kind of bullshit


    wewa Reply:

    @Ethan, so much bullshit written in that post it gave me a headache


    Ray Reply:

    @wewa, it might not be thuglife, but she one of the realist women in the music biz.


    iRepRIRI Reply:

    @rihannaface, how the f#$k do you know what God’s plans are????? Just shut the hell up and stop hating . People wanna live and love. Everyone can have an opinion but yours is just not needed right now. And why would tupac would do that. Rihanna is 1 of…if not..THE realest female in the business…she says it like it is and do it as her own.


  13. Diego

    Who gives a damn


  14. A$VP Richie



  15. YOLO

    Why does Rihanna keep going back to Chris Brown? “Beats me”.


  16. hapi

    @rihannaface they are moving forward with THEIR lives. #nobodies business!


  17. wewa

    how many times are you people going to say the same shit over and over again anytime rap up post some inane mundaine story about them. dont you ever get tired of repeating yourselves. you sound like broken records. we get it, i mean jesus christ.


  18. JayAra

    what kind sneakers breezy got on them kicks r doopeee


  19. RihannaOutsoldyafave!



  20. Patroni0

    damn yall need to leave them alone lol going to the food store is not news let em be


  21. Jay

    Rihanna and my boi CB!!! That’s a really great video!!! Short, but really powerful. Can’t wait for the Grammys!!! :)


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