Maxwell Reveals Partial ‘Summers” Tracklisting


2012 went by without a new album from Maxwell, but 2013 is looking promising. The soul man is gearing up to release Summers’, the highly-anticipated follow-up to his 2009 album BLACKsummers’night. He revealed the partial tracklisting on Twitter. The seven tracks include song titles like “Sirens,” Gods,” and “Hostage.” See what Maxwell has in store in the months ahead.


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  1. Redchainsaw

    Maxwell looks amzing…..I know this album will be a great one


  2. Dardo

    BLACKsummers’night is a masterpiece.


  3. mon88

    i think he’s talking in codes its real meaning behind these titles especially hostage….everybody keep you eye on the goverment


  4. WonderLand19

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! The KING is BACK ! His last album was untouchable. A Classic.


  5. Nick

    Can’t wait! It’s been too long.


  6. Kyle

    His last album was amazing and definitely one of the best things to happen to R&B music in 2009. My favorite album from him would probably be “Embrya.” It’s really different from all his others.


  7. OMG Just Google Kelsnetwork and see what happens!

    Cant wait!!!!


  8. Bisuness Prounld Foboze Changed 2013



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