New Music: Trinidad James f/ French Montana – ‘All Gold Everything (Remix)’

Trinidad James and French Montana

Following Tyga and N.O.R.E., French Montana gets his shine on on the remix to Trinidad James‘ ubiquitous single “All Gold Everything.” The Bad Boy rapper pops a molly and flashes his expensive jewelry on his boastful bars.

Meanwhile, Diplo has revealed that the official remix will feature a whopping 17 verses.

[Bottom Feeder Music]

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  1. MRB

    Im still waiting for someone to jump out and say SIKKKKKKKKEEEEEEE!!!!!!! French Montana just lost major points for even wanting to remix this dumb song!


    Ummmm Reply:

    Lost what points? French Montana is as lame as this meatball!


    MRB Reply:

    @Ummmm, TRUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! The only reason I said lost point is because of the remix he did with Diddy to Miguel’s Adorn! Thats a hot song but your right he’s trash too!!!


  2. keep it real

    I truly don’t understand where “rap” is going anymore. First and foremost, French Mon-shitty-tana can only get a PARTIAL hit (Pop That) with THREE FEATURES, two being from Wayne and Drake. Secondly, this Trinidad bitch ass James can’t rap for shit with his DEAD, Chief Keef bitch ass flow. Someone needs to step in quickly before rap gets a bad name. Thank god you have the likes of J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Nicki Minaj in the game to KEEP IT REAL! Finally, excuse the rant lol, but before comes with them stupid comebacks like, “oh you can’t say that when they’re making money” then HERE IS MY RESPONSE TO YOU: the best rappers are not necessarily the most famous. IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE IS A PRIME EXAMPLE. Google him bitches. Peace.


    Ice Reply:

    @keep it real, Agree with everything you said, except that Nicki Minaj is a savior of hip-hop. More like a gimmick.



    French did good on this ! Wait til u here the real remix to this tho


  4. Nielsen

    17 verses. Sounds epic!


  5. Ya Fav 1ne

    yall so stuck on this one song from Trinidad

    if u listen to his other track like the one from Mike Will Made It mixtape and the one with Wale on his mixtape

    He is a rapper to get u crunk and hype
    Hell his verse on the song Wale was better than Wale

    stop lookin for message to EVERY rap song

    have some fun for once


  6. Bisuness Prounld Foboze Changed 2013

    it ok remix song


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