Tyga Opens Up About ‘Gangsta Relationship’ with Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna, Tyga, and Iggy Azalea

Tyga is gearing up to release his sophomore album Hotel California in March. After dropping his Rick Ross-assisted single “187,” he sat down with “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” on Power 106 to discuss his delayed mixtape with Chris Brown (Fan of a Fan 2), the most money he’s lost while gambling, and his “gangsta relationship” with Blac Chyna, who gave birth to his son King Cairo last year.

Plus, he was asked who he would save if his Young Money labelmates Nicki Minaj and Drake were on a raft together and he could only rescue one. Find out his answer.

On his delayed mixtape with Chris Brown: “Whenever we stop driving Lambos and posting pictures on Instagram, maybe we could finish it.”

On the most money he’s lost gambling in a weekend: “Actually, not a lot. Maybe like $40,000, $30,000.”

On his relationship with Blac Chyna: “We got a real gangsta relationship. Ya’ll not gonna see us doing no crazy, corny stuff. We go to the strip club together, do stuff like that.”

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  1. WonderLand19

    Cant believe they played some slow romantic music while he was talking about his girl, looooool! And Why was he wearing leather gloves? LOOOOOOOOOL!

    Anyways, looking forward to the new album.


  2. Antony

    Every single song of his sounds the same and the others are boring, am sorry but Rack City will forever be his most successful single but I am looking forward for Fan of a Fan 2!!


  3. OMG Just Google Kelsnetwork and see what happens!

    his stripper girlfriend has some weird hair


  4. VMili

    Iggy looks beautiful in that pic :)


  5. Michelle M.

    He hates Drake lmfao


    Trev Reply:

    @Michelle M., not hate…but it’s def not right…hmmm i don’t like this


  6. DntJudgehim

    Tyga Is a Cool Nigga, But honestly its clear the only reason why he messing with chyna is so that he can hit every NOW & Then …
    Their relationship aint going no where Cause “You CAN’T Turn A Hoe Into A HOUSEWIFE”

    …. Tyga Should try and do something else cause his music are all the same && Shit is annoying


    JanethiaSmit Reply:

    @DntJudgehim, People look at her & think she’s only with Tyga for his money but that’s not even the case. Before Chyna even met Tyga she was doing her thing.

    Stripping isn’t the best thing but she did it to pay for college. (not many people know that so they look at her as a hoe.) Chyna was shooting for magazines, she was doing club appearances, she had her own home & her own car before she met Ty. She kept herself looking good, hair did, nails, brought her own shit.

    & even though she’s with Ty, she’s still gonna do magazine shoots, she got lashes coming out along with beanies & she’s still gonna do her club appearances. Stripping is in her past & she said she’s not going back to that. You can tell he loves her look at his face when he’s talking about her, and like Big Boi said he seems happier now that he is with her.

    Chyna is a “bad bitch” because she’s independent. She have her own hustle & she makes money. She have a man with money & she’s still deciding to get her own. That’s also a reason why I like her.


  7. Bisuness Prounld Foboze Changed 2013

    guess some ppl say u can’t trun a hoe into a house wifely which he is very young man. nice interview


  8. Arch

    I think their relationship is their own business. To each is own. He knows why he cares so much about her. The world does not need to understand and he does not need anyones approval. As for her being with him for his money, bullshit, She had her own before him. Maybe thats one of the reasons why he loves her. She independent. Dont be too quick to judge about her being a hoe, to me she is very loyal to her man.


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