Rap-Up TV: On Set of Tamar Braxton’s ‘Love and War’ Video

Rap-Up TV was on the front lines as Tamar Braxton shot the video for her hit single “Love and War” in Los Angeles last week. With her husband/manager Vincent Herbert by her side, the youngest Braxton sister got intimate for the cameras while cozying up to her hunky co-star at a mansion overlooking the Hollywood Hills.

“The concept is just about me and my man at home, and we’re just trying to figure out our relationship because it’s been so tumultuous,” explained the WE tv reality star. “We’re so in love and we wanna fix it, but we can’t escape all the obstacles that we’ve been going through. The video is all of those things—it’s passionate, it’s soft, it’s sexy, it’s sweet.”

Within 12 hours of its release, the R&B ballad shot to No. 1 on iTunes, something Tamar doesn’t take for granted. “I’m just so fortunate,” she said.

Her new album Love and War is due February 12 via Streamline Records. “It’s the music that I’ve always wanted to do,” shared Tamar. “It’s a true definition of who I am as a person. It’s upbeat, it’s fun, it’s opinionated, it’s raw, and it’s great.”

You can expect more ballads and some other surprises including the R&B-flavored “The One,” the ratchet “Hot Sugar,” and a slow jam entitled “Finally,” which she wrote about her husband.

She’s received support from her sisters, who co-star with her on “Braxton Family Values.” “They sing the song all the time on my answering machine,” said Tamar. “They’re taking up crazy space, but they’re my sisters and without their support, I would be nothing.”

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  1. so_oldskool

    hope she does well I like her voice but can not stand her attitude but she can sing and that what matters.


  2. TIAGO

    fu#k of@


  3. Realistically

    She reminds me of Big Bird.


    uHoesBuggin Reply:

    @Realistically, lol, I was thinkin Miss Piggy. Idk what happened, but when The Braxtons first premiered she was really pretty…but now it’s like she did something to her cheeks and maybe her eyes and idk what else…but she slayed this song!





  5. FeeniixRising

    Gorgeous woman + vocalist. This interview was a delightful one, I’m rooting for her now. Love how outspoken and well-spoken she is! Hopefully she’s one to fully bring R&B back back Mary J, Keyshia, Brandy, Monica etc all tried but just haven’t brought something as fresh as Tamar’s song. Not to knock their work which was great just not what R&B needs to rise from the ashes. Feb. 12 is going to be a huge date in music!


  6. yavvy

    Ok theres a couple of things that need to be addressed: 1) She’s now trying to play nice b/c she wants to sell records after she has been a total b-tch. 2) She made it off of Toni and Vince 3) She looks like a Muppet 4) Her voice is absolutely beautiful but her real attitude stinks. She ain’t fooling no one with this good girl act. She’s nothing but an undercover hoodrat.


    Faith Reply:

    @yavvy, Somebody’s life stinks,and feels the need to pick on others more successful,happy and wealthy individuals.Just because you don’t like someone does not give you the right to call someone you think you know a hood rat.Noticed the space between the words hood and rat?It’s not one word.Envy and jealousy are very ugly traits.I guess you should know! to be calling someone else a hood rat.Do you even know the meaning?I don’t understand haters!If you don’t like’y don’t wach’y sweety.Now go buy your self some class.Oh,wait!It can’t be bought.You either have it or you don’t.So sad for you. :(


  7. who?

    Cant wait for the album. Its nice that shes not making boring r&b music just because she has an incredible voice. I LOVE soul music, but lately the songwriters/artists have dropped the ball with trying to recreate/invent the classic genre.

    I dont focus on her attitude, because thats not going to pay my bills. I’m here for HER MUSIC, and I wish more people in this world would do the same. You dont know her, never will, and you may never want to! Focus on what she brings to the R&B music, and you’ll tune everything else you dont like about her out.


    Issa Reply:

    @who?, What a foolish stan you are. Having a pretty voice does not overshadow a horrible attitude.


    who? Reply:

    @Issa, and what a child you are. you are not mature enough to separate music from the actual artist. I just want good music…how she acts is not my concern.


    Justyce Reply:

    @Who, I totally agree with you. We are here for her music, who cares about the attitude. She makes great music, and that’s all that matters. You can take her attitude somewhere else, whether you choose to watch her on reality tv or not. Mariah Carey is a diva and has an attitude out of this world, but look at her success. I personally love Tamar’s whole personality, she’s fun, outspoken, and says what others are afraid to say. This whole because of Toni and Vince is beyond… It’s because of TAMAR that she is, where she is now. It took hard work and dedication. When she was on shows and interviews, I didn’t see Toni and Vince, I saw Tamar, working. BFV where her fame began, was Tamar’s idea, not Toni. And she now has 4 shows plus and album to be released (WORK). Yes her husband is the best in the business, but isn’t that the key, to be working with the best? At some point you haters need to set aside the BS, and give this woman her props, she worked her ass off. She went from irrelevant to a star, and she did it all in front of your eyes.


  8. Go Tamar!

    Im wishing her the best of luck I actually bought the single on itunes and it is still one of my favorite songs right now. I dont care about all the other stuff that people are saying about her attitude because I think there’s more to her than just that. I see where she can be a little bit diva-ish but I also see times where she is sweet. I think Tamar is misunderstood to be honest. But I cant wait for the video and she has my support on all her success.


  9. im_real

    Tamar is a dam good singer dnt u ever call
    Her big bird or say she look lik a muppet
    Cus u prollly look worse & atleast shes
    Doin sumthin wit herlife and shes doin
    Her right now u do u and do us all a favor
    And stay of the internet tha world wuld
    Be.much better without bullies#realtalk


  10. KicksandGiggles

    This beautiful lady has been blessed with all the external trimmings. However, when it is all said and done, one day she will learn that its ok to tolerate another opinion, to listen, to learn from another, and that life does not center around one thing or person. Its about nourishing your soul with good things so you can bring joy to others. Tamar has some life lessons like we all but hers begin and end with her.


  11. x

    She’s a sweet girl with insecurities that come out in a diva attitude.


  12. _yupyup

    She’s Human ! She’s On TV Giving You Her I Personally Love Her Attitude She Says .& Does What Others Won’t. She’s A Great Sister .& Wife, Her Voice Is One Of A Kind Therefore If You Don’t Like Her Maybe You Should Proceed .& Keep It Moving No Need For Your Ignorant Comments. I Wish Her Great Success She Worked For It !


  13. Tamela

    Tamar voice is so amazing I loved her back when she had her first cd and with the Braxton. Keep on Rockin Tamar!!!


  14. kizzy

    I love.ya music gurl keep ya head up


  15. daRealist

    She has an amazing voice. People ignorant if they think all celebrities don’t have attitudes. Lol. Grow up. Look at Diana Ross. Kicked out a restaurant cuz she felt like she better than everybody. But I can empathize with Tamar. She a spoiled baby sister who talk in funny when you comfortable with your family.


  16. keasha chandler

    TAMAR, i just love your song.You did a great job #Braxton Diva’s ROCK# I love all of you ladies!


  17. Brina Bee

    I was skeptical at first but I bought the record on itunes and it has been on repeat ever since!! She definately did that. I am loving her voice and look forward to the album and the video..


  18. Dj Cebo

    I grew up around the family and heard them all sing as little girls and as I was listening to her voice it was allmost like her sister Toni had given her spirit and voice to her. I have Toni’s first record and got the same chill as when i listening to Toni’s song it was magical . Im impressed !!!!!!


  19. Favor

    Go Tamar, a Diva in her own right. People have issues with strong, confident women but you just Walk in your God given authority. Love and War is awesome, you and Vince are a beautiful, dynamic couple and your voice is beautiful.


  20. mqrgaret j,

    wow love an war was off the hook an sugar it;s so nice to have ur husband as ur friend manger how awesome is that nbl an best wishes…look forward to dropping it like it’s hot lol.


  21. mqrgaret j,

    cant stop jamming love an war totally awesome.


  22. jami

    I have been watching The Braxton’s and Tamar and Vincent. I think you are great! It’s been fun watching you get to this place and I am so happy for you. You are funny and gorgeous. Keep do’in what you do. I am 64years old and I love your album. Will continue to watch and wait to see great things that come next for you. God bless and keep you. Your FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. Dawn

    WOW…my mom always said if you can’t say nothing nice say nothing at all. Jealousy still kills, Tamar is real and totally blessed she is finally living out her dream and she lives in no ones shadow but her own and she made that perfectly clear several times. She is and always will be beautiful inside and out. You haters really need to have several seats and put them seat belts on for real and don’t take them off until you “get your life”.


  24. Bisuness Prounld Foboze Changed 2013

    Can’t wait to see the Video when it come out & Great Interview answer GO Tamara B-H


  25. x

    It’s so nice to see that Tamar has true supporters, especially from the older crowd (like me :)). If folks would take the time to listen to WHAT she says and ignore how she says it, you’ll realize that most of the time she’s on point. She’s seems like a wonderful young lady. She has the same attitude as my little sister(without the dramatics – we nipped that in the bud). Her marriage is also very much like mine except I don’t work with my husband, so I can very much relate to the struggles they go thru as a couple. I look forward to her future endeavors and I plan to support her 100%.


  26. dale

    tamar. I love the song love and war. tamar you seen so down earth now. because you are so over the top on the b show.raxton but girl you can sing.


  27. blue ice

    TB. is the shit can’t wait to get her cd.


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