Video: Marcus Canty – ‘Used by You’

Marcus Canty

Marcus Canty puts it down for the ladies in the video for “Used by You.” The “X Factor” alum wants to let one special woman know that since her man is acting up, he is ready to step in and handle business, even if it’s for one night. In the steamy clip, he cozies up to his sexy co-star and shows off some slick moves using only a chair.

The R&B newcomer’s debut EP This…Is Marcus Canty is due March 5 featuring “Used by You” and the Wale-assisted single “In & Out.”

Marcus recently shared his top 5 albums of 2012 with Rap-Up TV. Find out who made his list.

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  1. Ice

    I’m sorry, but this clown looks hilarious. I can’t take him seriously, he doesn’t have star quality at all. He looks like a comedian.


    Yasmine Reply:

    @Ice, Yet, you are always the FIRST one of his videos. Marcus is clearly doing something right.


    Ice Reply:

    @Yasmine, I try to give him a chance by actually watching the video first, I’m not entirely hating on him. As for being the first poster, I live on this blog. Simple as that.


  2. viki

    this man can SING. the only thing questionable about this video is the white shirt and tie… who was doing wardrobe!?!! other than that.. love this song and video. can’t wait to buy the album


  3. yavvy

    The only clown I see is the person above who chose to be the 1st to comment and hate at the same damn time. Get a real job. This guy is talented and has lots of star quality… Fool!


  4. Fact

    Its funny how people hate on an artist doing there thing meanwhile life will go on while you continue to live your basic life……


    Creative Minds Reply:

    @Fact, preachhhh. I find it hilarious. the artist is going to continue doing there thing whether someone likes it or not. Blog haters are a non factor.


  5. Stacy

    I’ve been a fan of Marcus since X-factor. I love this song but I’m not too fond of the video. Doesn’t make me less of a fan, still love him. I will just be glad when the ep is released. Also to address the first person, everybody is entitled to their opinion, however you are throwing insults. Marcus definitely stands out among these so called “singers” of today. He is a real vocalist, has a great personality, and is humble. That’s a rare combo in this industry and that makes him stands out to me.


  6. Frankie

    The video is pretty plain, but I absolutely love this song. Can’t wait for the EP.


  7. hood

    the video remind me of usher video the song


  8. valerie

    dumb song


  9. Bisuness Prounld Foboze Changed 2013

    nice song & dope beat I’d have Name this song “Just Use By U Boy”(love ain’t my thing)


  10. ddttrs87

    He needs to like like he believes what he’s singing, right nw he just looks like he’s just happy to be there…


  11. ddttrs87

    *look like


  12. Fan

    I want that PARIS cap he has!


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