Miguel Performs ‘Adorn’ on ‘Leno’


Miguel started his year on a high note, appearing on “The Tonight Show with Lay Leno.” The fedora-clad crooner delivered a funky performance of his hit single “Adorn” with his band. Miguel will head to the Grammys next month, where he is nominated for five awards including Song of the Year.


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  1. Morgan

    Awesome job. Preferred this performance to the David Letterman one, by a long shot.


    Yasmine Reply:

    @Morgan, Agreed, this is much better. Less emphasis on theatrics.


  2. JB

    Miguel is such a terrible artist. His music his so corny and horrible. All about Frank Ocean & Luke James in RNB at the moment.


    CHJ Reply:

    @JB, OMG!!!! GET YO LIFE!!!


    Triniti Reply:

    @JB, Dumbass, I love Frank Ocean more than Miguel, but don’t you EVER discount Miguel’s talent!


    ddttrs87 Reply:

    @JB, wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow…imma pretend you didn’t just try that


  3. Jrizzel88

    His performance on Jimmy Fallon of “Do You” was 1000x better…He seemed under the influence of something here lol…words slurring and all


  4. Dots

    Miguel is too freakin’ dope!


  5. @ClothezMinded

    The beginning was great but I wasn’t feeling his ad libs towards the end. He didn’t hit any of the high notes. But he is still a force to be reckoned with. Kaleidoscope Dream was def my fav album of the year followed by Channel Orange and Two Eleven!


  6. Bizunes Prounld Foboze Changed 2013

    nice live performance


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