New Music: Machine Gun Kelly – ‘Ratchet’


Cleveland gets “Ratchet” on Machine Gun Kelly’s new anthem produced by JP Did This 1. After showing off his “Wild” side, the Bad Boy rapper turns up with his EST affiliates Ray Jr., Dub-O, Tezo, and Pooh Gutta, who trade verses about a “ratchet bitch.”

“Never seen a ratchet get wifed, but I done seen these wifes get ratchet,” raps MGK.

The song serves as the first single off E-V’s upcoming mixtape Bitch I’m From Cleveland 3.

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  1. 2bad2bme

    chile its 2013 let that sh*t go


  2. Chima omereji

    1st….and why did she choose ds name/title…??? Attention much???..knwin full well ds title is being circled currently around bey and gaga…anyways….lets see..


    Tel Reply:

    @Chima omereji, lol MGK is a guy but I do agree about the rest of what you said


    4 Reply:

    @Chima omereji, it does not matter cuz this will not go main stream so know one can really compare its just another magic city stripper track to add to the collection no worries BEYGAGA WILL TAKE THIS ONE MAINSTREAM #RATCHET


    freud Reply:

    @Chima omereji, are you that delusional? you think anyone outside of the stans know what songs beyonce is rumored to have made? lol.

    and yall acting like this is a fresh and original concept, its not. It’s been played out. Go on youtube there’s 10000 songs with this title, just like Molly. People been saying this all year. Aint no one taking nothing mainstream. You basic bitches kill me with your idol worship


  3. Ice

    Who wants a ratchet bitch? I want a classy woman.


    Tbozfan10 Reply:

    @Ice, ratchet losers like machine gun Kelly apparently .


  4. Lisa

    Not bad, I like it. This will probably do the job in the clubs.


  5. Righteous

    Biting 2chainz style much!Bitch you the ratchet …..gassed up impersonator.I cannot believe this is where we are at ….multiple fools biting complete styles and hoping no one notices….get to f*ck!


  6. alese

    omg. I love this.


  7. mumi

    Ratchet is being used too much right now. I see it everywhere. Twitter is full of this word. And since Gaga and Beyonce both have a pic with a ratchet ear ring everybody freaks out…


  8. Bizunes Prounld Foboze Changed 2013

    Don’t Beyonce carter have the same tittle of the song? that maybe feat lady gaga or some other artist but this one is nice


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