Nas Begins Work on New Album


Life is still good for Nas. Following the critical and commercial success of his 2012 album Life Is Good, the iconic MC is already plotting his next move.

During his visit to Angie Martinez’s radio show on Hot 97, he revealed that he is back in the lab readying the follow-up to Life Is Good.

He has begun preliminary work by taking down notes in his iPhone. “I got some good stuff. I’m in the zone right now and I feel real good about where I’m at, so I gotta take advantage of it,” said Nas, who was recently named greatest lyricist of all time by CNN.

Not only is he in a good space professionally, he has also found peace in his personal life.

After a nasty divorce from ex-wife Kelis, the two have rekindled their friendship. “We’re back together as friends. We were not the best of friends for a long time,” said Nas, who shares a son with the “Bossy” singer. “We’re friends and I’m glad to be at that place. I don’t want no beef.”

Nas plans to attend the Grammys next month, where he is nominated for four awards including Best Rap Album.

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  1. Abamson smart

    Keep winnin bwai





  3. LEGOOOOO!!!!

    my favorite rapper!


  4. attaboy

    My favorite and the best damn rapper period. Dead or alive



    YES! I’m ready for it. Nas is the illest!!


  6. Real Sh!t

    NAS is the REALEST in the game. If you hate on Nas your literally hating on music.


  7. bibi93

    Very good news!!


  8. Happy

    Thanks Nas! Please never stop! You are the greatest rapper and lyrist dead or alive period!


  9. BAY



  10. Bizunes Prounld Foboze Changed 2013



  11. lily

    YEEEEES KING NAS!!!!!!! I thought Life Is Good would b his last album.


  12. Happy

    Thanks Nas! You are the best to do it. It is amazing to me how a rap artist could stand in the rap game for so long. It is the quality of music you put out dude. You keep us thinking about your lyrical content and your message! You are the greatest to bless the mic hands down… Dead or alive!


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