New Music: A$AP Rocky f/ Florence Welch – ‘I Come Apart’

A$AP Rocky and Florence Welch

Most of A$AP Rocky’s debut Long.Live.A$AP leaked before the new year, but there are still a few gems that haven’t been heard until now. The Harlem MC keeps things eclectic, teaming with Florence + the Machine’s Florence Welch on “I Come Apart,” one of four bonus tracks on the deluxe edition. Pretty Flacko raps and sings over the rattling production, while Flo chants the hook.

A$AP explained how the record came together. “[Florence] is actually a huge fan and she reached out [to me],” he told MTV News. “I knew about her from winning Grammys and stuff like that, but I’m not gonna sit here and lie—I wasn’t too in tune with the music, so when I found out she was fascinated with my style, that’s when the infatuation with her came. I just started doing research and I became a fan.”

After Long.Live.A$AP drops on January 15, Rocky will join Rihanna on her “Diamonds World Tour” starting in March.

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  1. BobbyBorisovvv

    that sounded weird cool. i liked it.


  2. LOLatHaters

    THe audio seems to be gone. Fix please. PMF!


  3. righteous



  4. he lied and told the truth at the same time

    she doesnt have any grammys lol ….yet


    Wowzer Reply:

    @he lied and told the truth at the same time,
    She does a grammy, do your research please.


    Dro Reply:

    @he lied and told the truth at the same time, People kill me mentioning Grammy’s most of the best artists of all time were never awarded Grammy’s during their lifetime, career peak, for their best work and some NEVER received one. So…

    Some of the stuff that’s been awarded Grammy’s DESERVED no Grammy! STFU w that bs.


  5. Triniti



  6. Hugh



  7. Bizunes Prounld Foboze Changed 2013

    Not Bad Taste Music & Nice song


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