Ciara Shares Her ‘Cookies’ on MTV’s ‘This Is How I Made It’ [Sneak Peek]


Ciara is readying her new album One Woman Army for release this year, but first, she goes back in time for MTV’s “This Is How I Made It.” In a preview clip from the episode, the R&B diva reflects on recording her 2004 debut Goodies.

“I was 17 years old so I really wanted to make sure that I spoke from the place that hopefully other young girls would identity with,” said CiCi.

She recalls recording her debut single “Goodies” with Lil Jon and Sean Garrett and reveals that the song was originally titled “Cookies.”

The record hit No. 1, but she wasn’t celebrating. Instead, she was thinking about her next hit. “I was so determined to just keep getting better,” she said.

The full episode airs tomorrow at 12 p.m. on MTV.

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  1. Zave

    Poor girl. She def should be on Rihanna, Beyonce level


    b Reply:

    @Zave, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, no


    frenchconnnnection. Reply:

    @Zave, ciara kill them

    artisically, on an rnb point of view….


  2. TheCreat1veOne

    Wow, you have to love Ciara’s determination! To hear that she was already thinking about the next hit after going No. 1 shows how much she loves what she does. I hope nothing but the best for with One Woman Army and hope things get back into swing soon!


  3. Yep

    I really hope Ciara get back to what she used to be with her success because she is extremely talented. Everything happens for a reason…


  4. You Wanna Bey Me

    She heeds to be sharing some singles or her ablbum, I mean, what’s the hold up, pretty soon it’ll be too late, a lot of heavy hitters are coming 1st quarter 2013, smh, her team sucks!!


  5. meme

    she looks really tan in this clip. Anyway I really want the best for her. She has such a great personality. I just dont think her music sounds current enough. If she updates her sound I think she has a chance to atleast get back on the radio.


  6. OMG Just Google Kelsnetwork and see what happens!

    GO CICI!!!!! You Betta work!


  7. lovelikejeffery

    @meme, couldn’t have said it better!!! Ciara really needs to show her fanbase some love and follow them and communicate with them more and stop with these gimmick ass songs like: “got me good”… when she knows that everybody wanted “overdose”, “living it up”, “sophomore”, or “boy outta here”… Ciara need to let fans chose the singles because obviously the singles she has chosen aren’t doing as well, even though I really, really, really do love “sorry”!!!


  8. Keny Evolution

    I love sorry to death and Ciara is talented as hell but her single choices are always poor, she was on the right track with sorry bringing that sexy R&B slow burning groove back but then she turned around and released Got me good, I was like o_O wtf! Its ashame because she’s so talented and a rarity when it comes to the performing aspect of a singer. Her management is awful and her promoting team suckss, its only so much that the Label and L.A Reid can do, I feel like she’s not hungry for the game the way she used to be. I also think she needs to try one more time with Jazze Pha and Lil John, these producers knew her best!


  9. boom boom

    so whatever happened to One Woman Army???????? i though that unborn flop was supposed to drop december of last year, lmao


  10. Nookie

    @boom boom get your facts straight . She never said she was releasing it in 2012 dumb ass .


  11. Jay

    Sweet!!! My girl CiCi!!! Ciara really put out some timeless music. I still listen those songs and jam just as hard. HA! LOL And that’s a funny story about how the song was gonna be called Cookies. :) That was such a pivotal moment in music when that song dropped. I remember being like, who is that?! It was so fresh and unique. I’d never heard anything like it. I’m so ready for this new album from Ciara!!! :)


  12. LushusDaim

    Looking forward to One Woman Army this year!!!
    L.A. Reid is whipping Epic back into shape and focusing on his label. She’ll be fine.


  13. STEM



  14. Jernero94

    I really want Ciara to win. I really do. The girl does have talent. More talent than *cough* Rihanna.


  15. bluntlyhonest

    this show she be called how I flopped..


    jazzyd Reply:

    @bluntlyhonest, bitch before you talk about somebody learn how to fuckin talk


  16. Bizunes Prounld Foboze Changed 2013

    that was a nice sneak peek of Mtv show clip of cici Princess Wish nothing but the Best for her


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