New Music: Cocaine 80s f/ Common & Jhené Aiko – ‘Fly Ass Pisces’

Fly Ass Pisces

James Fauntleroy and Common soar to new heights on “Fly Ass Pisces,” their latest record off Cocaine 80s’ upcoming EP The Flower of Life. Jhené Aiko provides the ethereal hook, while Common shouts out Olympic Gold medalist Gabby Douglas. Get high off their supply.

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  1. INCAS

    If they’re gonna layer up the vocals on the hook that much, they should of got Cassie


    BobbyBorisovvv Reply:

    @INCAS, Jhene Aiko is not a good singer. Her voice is weak. She’s as good as Cassie. She’s making good music though.


    Abz Reply:

    @BobbyBorisovvv, You must be brain damaged if you said Jhene Aiko isn’t a good singer :/


    georgia23 Reply:

    @BobbyBorisovvv, what’s your reference on that? I believe a good singer is someone who knows their range, is aware of what they can do with their voice, what makes their voice sound the best and stays in that lane. The difference between her and Cassie is that Jhene actually has some natural ability. Jhene’s voice is soft but she knows music and she knows how to use her voice. Cassie hasn’t really gotten that skill down yet and I’m not sure why she keeps trying after all these years. Jhene has tone, clarity, actual skill with her voice. She’s studied the craft and found her spot where her voice fits. Even before she started doing the style she’s doing now (the B2K era) her voice was decent, it’s just soft.


    ray Reply:

    @INCAS, wow an observant trained ear on rap-up never thought id see the day


  2. Gaz

    Awesome as always. James needs to release his own album, he could do so well as a solo artist


  3. Wow

    Dope. Love Jhenè and Common. Fly ass Pisces is chill.


  4. Real Sh!t

    ¿So is James Fauntleroy Cocaine 80′s?


  5. KOBE

    Cocaine 80′s pretty much consists of Fauntleroy and Chuck Daly, as well as contributions by No I.D. and Common


  6. Thecool

    This song is just dope af. Its got that top down feel.


  7. Hugh

    Love these dudes


  8. Bizunes Prounld Foboze Changed 2013

    nice song


  9. LevelNexter

    @georgia23 I like what you said. You are EXACTLY right. Are you a singer yourself?


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