50 Cent, Diddy, and Jennifer Lopez Celebrate Golden Globes

Casper Smart, Jennifer Lopez, and Diddy

After the show, it’s the after party. Following Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards, musicians, actors, and athletes met up on the party circuit.

A dapper Diddy left his girl Cassie back home and ran into his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez and her new boyfriend Casper Smart at The Weinstein Company’s celebration at the Beverly Hilton.

J.Lo mixed business with pleasure, holding court with Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, her manager Benny Medina, and beau.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent put on his suit and tie and made his way from the NBC Universal bash to HBO’s soirĂ©e to Fox’s event, where he posed with “Modern Family” star Ariel Winter.

Check out more pics from Hollywood’s big night below.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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  1. philly11

    cordial exes? i love it!! Kudos to J.lo and Diddy


  2. o_0

    What Diddy was thinkin’ while greeting J.Lo’s new BF ‘Hi, I used u F’ ur girl back in the day.’ What a tru Boss!


  3. Speechless

    I never thought i would ever see them pictured again.


  4. chocolate|milkk

    diddy, ben affleck, casper. they should have had a “Who’s Had J.lo Club” last night lol


  5. Dapheny

    Me Neither @Speechless
    it’s a cool thing to see!


  6. Zoeie

    Diddy is the one that made Jennifer big in music. Her name JLo is proof of that.


  7. katherine

    she had no choice but to introduce the ex to casper if her and diddy parted as friends


    Pround of Uk 2013 Reply:

    @katherine, True that and she decide to do that ain’t nothing wrong with that


  8. Pround of Uk 2013

    50 cent’s look like he want to leave before he enjoy his fun time @ the party and that was Nice of Jennifer Lopez introduced her boyfriend who she dated more then 5 month to diddy


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