New Music: Ryan Leslie – ‘Suit & Tie (Remix)’

Ryan Leslie

Mr. Suit and Tie himself, Ryan Leslie, wastes no time remixing Justin Timberlake’s comeback record “Suit & Tie.” The singer-producer celebrates the pop superstar’s return to music and takes the opportunity to speak to the ladies.

“Welcome back JT/ Heard you got a record with the homie Jay-Z/ So for me to jump on it—I must be crazy/ But girl, they’re both married baby, you can date me!” he sings.

R-Les is working on a new album called Black Mozart, which he recorded overseas.

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  1. @iJustoriginate

    But…. didn’t…. Forget it


  2. ricky

    dickriding at its worst. What a clown.


  3. Triniti

    Remember when everybody and their grandmother was remixing Drake’s “Marvin’s Room?” That’s probably gonna happen with this track too. Don’t be surprised.


  4. Nico

    Ryan Leslie is probably the most underrated dude around!
    I can’t wait for Black Mozart !


  5. Jay-Me

    If Jay-Z’s verse had the same production as R Les’s then it would have been fire.


  6. channelPink

    This song didn’t even breathe yet. These artist need to put out there own ish. Stop remixing others.


    @iJustOrigiNate Reply:

    @channelPink, EXACTLY!!! It hasn’t even been a full day yet!!!


  7. :)

    Release your own material…


    Frankie Reply:

    @:), UMM … he does release his own material. You might be familiar with Les Is More. He’s only remixing this. Last time I checked, it’s not a crime.


  8. Agdaking

    what an attention hoe


  9. flawda

    SMH, artist when a song comes out, COULD YA’LL PLEASE LET IT BREATHE. Jesus Christ!


  10. Jimothy

    Ryan bent over so fast!


  11. Mikee_TM

    Wasn’t this song literally just released less than 24 hours ago? How do you have a remix of it already?


    Trev Reply:

    @Mikee_TM, It’s called “hard-work”; being able to release your own remix to an already-quality song to an infidelity-quality track is nothing short of musical talent.


  12. Hate Nicki

    He rides other people’s dicks


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  16. Pround of Uk 2013

    nice remix verse of his own


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