Nicki Minaj Talks First Acting Job, Mariah Feud, & ‘Big Crazy Barb’ on ‘Leno’

Nicki Minaj

With only two days left until the premiere of “American Idol,” Nicki Minaj paid a visit to “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” on Monday. Looking grown and sexy in a short dress and pink blazer, the outspoken rapper discussed her new day job, reflected on her early career, and recalled auditioning at LaGuardia High School of Music & Art.

She told Jay about her first acting gig, where she was paid $750. But despite her charm, she wasn’t able to steal the spotlight from her co-star, who was a porn star.

If she was president of the United States, the self-described “aggressive” driver’s first order of business would be to legalize illegal U-turns.

The topic inevitably turned to her feud with fellow “Idol” judge Mariah Carey. “It definitely isn’t a fake feud,” said Nicki, who called the pop diva one of her favorite artists. “A lot of it starts out that we’re just joking, but we’re passionate and we’re both crazy. And then sometimes it just goes rarrr!”

She admitted that she has a temper, but she left it behind in 2012. “I’m on the road to recovery,” laughed Nicki.

She also spoke about the crazy “Idol” auditions and one of her favorite contestants, a girl she nicknamed “Big Crazy Barb.” Tune in to the two-night premiere on Wednesday to find out why Nicki is “obsessed” with her.


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  1. The Prophet Blog

    Nicki Minaj: “I auditioned for singing and acting, and I got a call back for acting.”

    This statement does not surprise me.


    Flopzealia Banks Reply:

    @The Prophet Blog, Hater. She’s actually a good singer and actress.

    Your blog is biased.


    The Prophet Blog Reply:

    @Flopzealia Banks,

    Good singer? Gurl…


    thugplaya56 Reply:

    @The Prophet Blog, I’m dead that you are posting on Rap-Up!

    I am also mesmerized that Nicki’s transformation into a white woman is almost complete


    bijan Reply:

    @The Prophet Blog, lol


    Liam Reply:

    @The Prophet Blog, I know you probably don’t care but if you have watched her Documentaries she said she was hoarse when she was auditioning that day


    Chris Reply:

    @Liam, So what is the reason as to why she sounds like crap nowadays?!


    AllAmerykhanBoy Reply:

    @Chris, She does not sound like crap. She sounds okay live. She’s not a singer she’s a rapper that happens to sing. They just adjust her pitches a bit. But who cares it sells.


    Stan4QB Reply:

    @The Prophet Blog, I don’t like Nicki Minaj but the day she auditioned she supposedly had a sore throat or something. Although I’ve seen actual talented singers perform beautifully with the same condition. (i.e. Demi Lovato, some girl from an older season of American Idol whose name I can’t remember)


  2. LOVE

    LOVED this interview. and Beginning to like her.

    can’t wait to watch american idol.


    LetMeSeeUworkIT Reply:

    @LOVE, me too!! i’m glad she toned down her style.. thats the nicki i love… and she always sounds professional in her interviews.. if she just put that in her music she’d be perfect..


  3. vitty




    Im over this fued. Can’t wait for American idol come on.


  5. ayo

    i think i prefer nickis dressing a lot better now , she looks far better dressing subtle without those attention seeking dresses which shud be left for gaga


  6. nojusthenry

    lover her…


  7. ,.

    i love the interview and she look good.


  8. outer

    ’2013 im on the road to recovery!!!’ haahaa i love her


  9. jay n

    I’ve always disliked her but you know…after watching 10 interviews, she actually really is a charming person. Who knows, maybe I’ll start listening to her music and stan for her. I’ve also noticed she’s been dressing nice and proper as well.


  10. james strife

    shes not a good singer guys…. stop….. common sense hahhaha everyone knows that but she CAN rap her ass off… her next album better be rap and not that failure of pop that she tried out for a minute…. but look back little waynes first album was tight… second wack…. she says shes the new wayne so naturally her first album… (okay) second FUCKING WACK) her third better come back hard. as wayne did…


  11. Haley

    She not a singer she is a rapper first but I will give her credit she can hold a note but she is from a person I would say should sing as a career


  12. James

    Her facial expressions are going to have me rolling I can’t wait til Idol lmao


  13. Ryan

    She silly and isn’t always so serious I like that she has some sense of humor to her and in my opinion she can sing I’ve heard her live she ain’t no Beyonce but for a rapper who sings she was cool


  14. nicko



  15. Jonathan

    Wow! She looks flawless. She is a beautiful young woman.


  16. lily

    She is so funny and lovely =)


  17. AllAmerykhanBoy

    Everyone not wants to ride her cl*t again


    AllAmerykhanBoy Reply:

    @AllAmerykhanBoy, now*


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  19. JustCoastWitHa

    Why these bums so mad that the queen on idol huh ?!


  20. flysly

    this interview was awkward


  21. Tamar

    She looks so SEXY when she dresses classy! YES nicki!


  22. THEDON

    She’s wack to me BUT she looks hella beautiful!


  23. NickiStan

    Soon the people will see what TM has seen all this time.


  24. Prouy of Uk 2013

    nice interview but the show seem ALright because she keep making them weird ass Face on the damn show


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