Azealia Banks, M.I.A. Among GQ’s 100 Hottest Women of the 21st Century

Azealia Banks and M.I.A.

Beyoncé proved why she deserves the title of “Sexiest Woman of the 21st Century” with her sizzling GQ cover, but there are some other sexy ladies vying for the honor. With 987 more years left in this millennium, the editors at GQ have revealed the other 99 women who make them drool.

Azealia Banks’ mouth isn’t the only thing getting her noticed. The “212″ rapper is the whole package, according to GQ.

“Did her album ever come out? Who knows. But man, we sure watched that ’212′ video 400 times a week,” writes the magazine.

M.I.A. may not want to be known as a sex symbol, but she finds herself rubbing elbows with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Halle Berry, and Kate Upton in the pages of the men’s magazine.

Also making the hot 100 is Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and Kanye West’s baby mama Kim Kardashian.

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  1. G4L

    LMAO the ugliest bitches ever made it on the list.
    Azelizzerd gonna brag about this shit in her weak raps now, looking like King Kong


    youMADstayMAD? Reply:

    @G4L, co-sign!!


    Kenya Reply:

    @G4L, Hey let her brag. We all know Nicki would brag about her accomplishments too.


    lovelikejeffery Reply:

    @G4L, & @youMADstayMAD?, Fuck Both Of Y’all!!! Who The Hell Are Y’all To Call Someone or Anyone Ugly Whether Its An Opinion or Not… At Least Both Azealia Banks and M.I.A. Are Living Their Dreams, Getting Noticed For Their Work, and Getting Money… So Much To Say For Y’all For Not Doing Shit With Y’all But Trying To Others Down and Let’s See What The Fuck Y’all Look Like!!! Anyway, Congratulations Azealia Banks & M.I.A.!!! My Two Beautiful Queens Who Doing Something With Themselves.


    HOVorJefe Reply:

    @G4L, U think that M.I.A is UGLY??! OMG :/


    DIZZIE Reply:

    @G4L, bitch u a hater SHE STILL GETTING MONEY


    A.B. >> your existence Reply:

    @G4L, AZEALIA BANKS REALLY IS PRETTY; YOU JUST a A.B. hater but she’s going to be the biggest star of 2013 and gonna have a true run of greatness while you’ll be struggling with basic bills.


    Pereezy,YMCMB MMG. Good Kush & Alcohol Reply:

    @G4L, True That, Like seriously How Can somebody call these 2 ugly Bi**hes Sexy? OMG They Must Be Blind as S**t


  2. Liam

    M.I.A. is understandable.


  3. Zave

    How the hell did she make it


  4. LOLatHaters

    All credibility is now lost with this list


  5. QA

    *Waits for NM fans to hate*


    JessicaVanessA Reply:

    @QA, Wait is over because Azebra is not a nice looking animal SIT


    Euoghan Reply:

    @JessicaVanessA, lol Nicki Minaj is so fake she’s never made it onto any of these lists as she’s got pink Friday, roman reloaded, the re up & that young money album Azealia banks has 1 EP with 4 songs and she’s made it already, endless fashion endorsements cause she’s NATURAL BEAUTY!!! While your faves ass looks like it’s two balloons borrowed from a kids party!!! She call herself black when her skin look whiter than GaGa’s!!!! Don’t even get me started on that stupid voice she talks in!!!


  6. channelPink

    Azealia Banks is UGLY AF lmfaooooooooooooooo


  7. alkc

    Azealia isn’t sexy and I’m keeping it real. She’s too boyish to be sexy. Glad I don’t let these blogs/magazines and opinions influence my personal viewpoint.


  8. Ice

    Have they even looked at Azealia’s lips? Those crusty things turned me off from the rest of her body.


  9. Captian Give No Phucks

    I guess Azlien Stanks f*cking them old white men got her on somebody’s list!

    She hasnt had one hit song here in the states.

    Shes more known for her twitter beefs than her actual music.

    And she has the teeth of an easter bunny.



  10. whuuuut

    beauty is in the eye of the beholder; i don’t find MIA sexy, i do Azealia Banks…y’all hate too much


    Hov Reply:

    @whuuuut, you mean we speak the truth too much


  11. lamar jackson

    but azealia is a busted bitch.


  12. Jerem

    Wow. I can’t believe all the hate i see on AB and for what? She is a gorgeous girl. Y’all wack af, and don’t know what beauty is. Guess y’all want plastic surgery chicks up there and no natural beauties

    AND S/O to M.I.A.
    the ONLY rappers to make the list


  13. Sassyandclassy

    Man Azealia ugly as fuck that list is some bullshit this bitch ugly


  14. Blank101

    haha yeah right. these two look like makeup trash


  15. MaZ

    Somebody please help me find Nicky Minaj on the list…Oh she didn’t made the list! Sh*t Let me guess why? lmao


  16. Lol

    I really don’t understand whats so ugly about either of them… y’all stupid as fuck lol


  17. 20/20 Vision

    AZEALIA BANKS IS BEAUTIFUL. If anyone looks busted in that pic it’s mia and i aint sayin she’s ugly, but of those two women Azealia is far better looking


  18. will

    hmmm where is Rihanna?? …fail


  19. Shut Up Stupid

    Azealia is gorgeous! Ya’ll may think she’s ugly but she’s making a lot more money than all you haters, traveling the world, and in places you dumb asses can only read about n blogs like this. She is also not wasting time hating on someone else via a web based blog. It sucks to be poor and a looser doesn’t it????

    I’m sure all of the haters are ugly chubby black girls anyway. Smh…


  20. OMG Just Google Kelsnetwork and see what happens!

    MIA is hot


  21. Yuperz

    Nicki will never be on a countdown list as far as beauty is concerned because she is naturally beautiful like these ladies. Just because they don’t look beyonce or JLo doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful. Nicki fans are just quick to hate because she is falling off in a hurry.


  22. No Name

    Azealia is great. Probably the only female rapper that I haven’t been able to stop listening too. Her face ain’t bad, either.


  23. Auntie3times

    Amen… lovelikejeffrey… I’m Azealia’s Auntie 4real 4 real. Azealia’s asked the question? “What have you accomplished today.”


  24. TakeTheseFactsB*tch

    I think Azealia is beautiful!

    So what if she doesn’t look like the typical “big boobs/big a*s” industry chick.

    Just because you don’t agree with somebodies appearance doesn’t mean your suppose to “bash” them for it, because the same people that’s calling her “ugly” probably don’t look any better.

    And YES! she is dark skin with big teeth but name a b*tch who doesn’t have a FLAW?

    The b*tch hasn’t had 1 hit in the U.S and is already working with big names.

    And M.I.A is pretty as well!


  25. AZEALIA'S Miss 2013

    i just realized the Azealia hater is ONE person multiple-posting cuz look at their timing, just long enough to log in, post, breathe, then hate again haha but Azealia supporters are real, various people; not one lame loser.

    “BROKE WITH EXPENSIVE TASTE” comes out next month = True Talent, Exquisite Beauty = Azealia ‘Supermodel’ Banks



    Nicki Minaj is not on the list because this is GQ’s Hottest Women of the 21st century. Simple as that.

    Queen AB & MIA are hot. Well deserved.


  27. Azealio



  28. kurtis_Shane

    Azealia banks is beautiful. and her skintone is flawless. I accept our ebony queen into the spot light about time.


  29. Amor

    Stinki Garbaj stans stay fuming. ROTFLMAO


  30. kate

    azealia is beautiful idiots


  31. Jon

    There are other types of sexy. You ever heard the phrase “confidence is sexy”? Judging by these comments, probably not. M.I.A and Azealia Banks know they aren’t the typical brand of sexy but they still own it and continue to be natural ;they do their own thing. They’re female rappers, both dark,and both can be seen rapping about “controversial” topics. Those things aren’t really thought of highly in society. To be out there and not care what anybody says is really sexy to me and probably other people (hence the reason they made the list).

    Also, I think they have nice faces. Sue me.


  32. Kilyan

    No wonder why Beyonce made it on the top if those 2 ugly ladies are on the list !


    KaramelKisses Reply:

    @Kilyan, #bitch die! beyonce made the TOP of the list because she is flawless in EVERY aspect of the word. have any of you ever considered that gq’s definition of sexy goes beyond looks? sexy can be your swag, your ability to excel in your field or your attitude? maybe for gq, mia & azelia met the swag or attitude criteria. it is TOO damn early for you all to be hating in 2013!


  33. Prouy of Uk 2013

    some of yall are dead ass wrong yall might be some ugly ass bitchie too.


  34. Shade

    Azealia Banks is NOT pretty, at all. Her attitude and face scream hideous. Nicki isn’t on the list because she’s never appeared on their cover.


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