Kris Stephens

New Music: Kris Stephens – ‘One in a Million’ (Aaliyah Cover)

On what would have been her 34th birthday, Kris Stephens remembers Aaliyah with a tasteful cover of the late singer’s classic “One in a Million.” The R&B singer-songwriter, who is signed to T.I. and Tank and featured on the latter’s single “Compliments,” channels Babygirl on her seductive rendition, produced by the R&B General.

“My true inspiration…the epitome of beauty…one in a million…I miss and love you,” said Kris, while Tank added, “God blessed the day Aaliyah was born. We celebrate her life, love, and influence on the world.”

Hear Kris pay tribute to the one-and-only Aaliyah.

  • James

    greatly appreciated


    Oh Hell Nawl Bitch Stop.

  • Dre

    I like!

  • Warrior

    since when was she signed to T.I.?

    • christ

      @Warrior, oh you don’t know yet she’s signed to grand hustle she’s the new t.i. artist

  • balenciaga

    the best cover of it ive heard yet

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  • No Name

    She tried it.

  • Ice

    Mainly positive reception on this cover, but when The-Dream did it it was blasphemy. But that aside, she did a good job.

  • Morgan

    Y’all need to stop. Obviously, she’s no Aaliyah but she has a very pretty voice and this is honestly one of the best covers I’ve heard.

  • Sharp Tongue

    Here’s a rocking chair for that poor ass cover.

  • Prouy of Uk 2013

    today is the late R&B singer Aaliyah Haughton 34th birthday and Nice Cover

  • Asa

    I liked it.

    Haters need to know what a cover is. They’re not trying to be the original artist.

  • Shelby

    Nothing is ever better than the original. It’s an okay cover, I can’t get into it like that though.
    R.I.P Aaliyah

  • Yep

    Great job girl!

  • Ira

    This is completly awesome.

  • Shawn

    This is a mess…. People need to stop touching this song. They always butcher it. And this beat though? Just stop. That ish sound like… I just can’t. I Quit. No.


    It’s OK. She did a good job. Now I must listen to the original, love that track

  • Mickyb

    That’s alright!! Miss you Aaliyah!!!