New Music: Fabolous f/ Chris Brown – ‘Ready’


With his Soul Tape 2 still in rotation, Fabolous re-ups with “Ready,” the first single off his upcoming album Loso’s Way II. The Brooklyn rapper aims to shoot up the charts by calling on Chris Brown for the radio-ready record, produced by The Runners. Push play on Loso and Breezy’s new heat.

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  1. Sharlyn

    I love it.

    Please, leave electro/techno/autotune in 2012…


  2. victor

    Losoo is Back LoLL .. is dopee .. auto- Tuninggg kkk Niceeeeeeeeeeee


  3. Dee

    I love the song.


  4. 2013

    Dope !


  5. Paige

    I really like this song, i think this is gonna be a hit!!!! 2013 gonna be big for music :)


  6. LOLatHaters

    I am a huuuuuuge Fab fan but I dont know how I feel about this track. Where are the clever lines that I expect from him? I guess I will wait for the next single or stick to Mixtape Fab


  7. Neikcha

    its cute.


  8. chicago

    i like it, im feeling it


  9. susan

    Loving this song, and Cb sounds good, no autotune


  10. chep



  11. whatelse

    Dope rap song!


  12. Fool For You

    It’s a decent record. Its a smooth r&b joint that will get heavy rotation on urban radio. It’s reminiscent of ‘Another Round’ & it looks like Fab is following the trend of a lot of rappers, get Chris Brown on the hook & to get a quick hit! It worked for Fat Joe, Ace Hood & Twista so I guess it will work for Fab too. *shrugs*

    I just hope Fab will come with the heat on the mixtape because honestly his verses weren’t anything spectacular or memorable here.


  13. Sheed

    I was hoping he would stick to the soulful soundof his last mixtape(soultape 2),which was the iishh…i still bump it…i guess he had to do this one for the dumb radio…i didnt enjoy hearing fab use audio tune in hes verse lol smh…im hppy for his album coming thou plz limit the commercial songs unless its a banger fab…but he still had gud lines in his verse and cb voice was smooth lk the beat…the song is a 2.9/5 wasnt bad..but real fab fans know this isnt fab lol


  14. Morgan

    I am not the huge Chris Brown fan I used to be. Nowhere in the same stratosphere, actually. However, I love Fab and they teamed up for a great track!


  15. TWITTER | @Amoret_

    I see Fab is trying to get back in the game.

    (Follow me on twitter: @Amoret_)


  16. Lion

    I like it


  17. Prouy of Uk 2013

    this is Hot & Beautiful


  18. Bengin gh

    2013 is gonna be big….luv de record breezy was crazy


  19. Max

    Seems like we already got some hot hip-hop ish in 2013!


  20. Sheed

    I hope they see the soultape with a few radio songs shud be the make up of his album…becuz the soultape with his production was very gud and done well


  21. Promisee

    i Really Love this Songg doe ,` Chris brown voicee is on Point !


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