Rita Ora Shoots ‘Torn Apart’ Video with Snoop Lion in Thailand

Rita Ora and Snoop Lion

Rita Ora escaped to paradise with Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion to shoot the video for their new collaboration “Torn Apart” this week. The blonde Brit lounged on the sunny beaches with Tha Doggfather while filming against the gorgeous backdrop of Thailand. A bikini-clad Rita showed off her hot body as she soaked up the sun and posed with some local children.

“This was amazing! I can’t wait for you to see this,” tweeted Rita, who didn’t want to leave the island. “No concept right now….I don’t wana go home tomorrow.”

The song is rumored to be the new single from Rita’s upcoming U.S. debut. She will also kick off her “Radioactive” tour on January 28 in the U.K.

See more pics from Rita’s tropical trip.

Photos via Instagram

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  2. azebracuntnaj

    the whore of the east. she definitely got nailed by snoop.


    Deb Reply:

    @azebracuntnaj, you’re disgusting. I wouldn’t call my worst enemy that but thanks to the anonimity of the internet e thugs like you come out and make rude, despicable comments about people you font know.Say you dont like her music but to attack her character because of rumours is wrong.


    azebracuntnaj Reply:

    @Deb, she got nailed by snoop. she spread like an eagle as usual. deal, cunt

    its a fact. W H O R E of the E A S T!


    bijan Reply:

    @azebracuntnaj, I agree. I mean really otherwise why get pictures with him like that. She knows what we’d all be thinking.


  3. Jay-Me

    Was Snoop 21 or did the counter reset when the new year came in?


  4. Yep

    Every time is see her I think of Rihanna…


    Sharp Tongue Reply:

    @Yep, Me too.


  5. Leslie

    Love her and am here for this


  6. [email protected]

    she is too overrated sorry but it makes me sick


    LaMont Reply:

    @[email protected], she sure is!!!


  7. bijan

    She’s going for a Shakira look. I don’t even know if she has her own style yet


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  11. Jsonice

    I live for her, can’t wait to hear the song, gotta be hot thou. Anything snoop dog does its a hit! He’s a icon of hip hop.


  12. TWITTER | @Amoret_

    I wish his name wasn’t Snoop Lion & I wish she looked like something original other than Rihanna. -sigh-

    (Follow me on twitter: @Amoret_)


  13. Prouy of Uk 2013

    She Look like the next Rihanna to become a biggest super star to work hard,


  14. lisa

    pagie thomos frm x factor rita whroa look like a rihanna reject i dont no why they signing girls that look like rihanna….. rih is that unstoppable chick with that unique sound i rather buy rih album before rita whro in i dont no why paiage thomas an rita singing rihanna songs on there twitter they will never be rih


  15. Alboz

    f all rihannas fans she is the one who is trying to be Ora with her white hair and things like that Rita Ora dosnt look like Rihanna and she dont care for her and Rita can sing 500x better and is much hoter


  16. Meoow

    Jelouse much Rihanna fans ??? you dont like the fact she has a talent ?? ohh yea baby she show up 9 months ago and already took over you mad ?


  17. DontCryRihannaFans

    I love you #RitaOurPrincess


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