Report: T.I. Shopping for $75 Million Record Deal


Now that his 10-year contract with Atlantic Records is up, T.I. is looking for a new place to call home. The King of the South has reportedly been shopping for a super-sized deal worth $75 million.

Sources tell TMZ that Tip is seeking a lucrative deal that includes three albums, 10-20 percent of publishing, touring, merchandise, film, and TV rights, endorsements, and exclusive signing of all his Grand Hustle artists.

He’s already met with some big names including Dr. Dre, who asked him to join Interscope, and Jay-Z, who has expressed interest in bringing T.I. into the Roc Nation family.

According to TMZ, Sony has already put a $50 million offer on the table and Universal is expected to make their bid soon.

Of course, there is also the possibility that he will renew his deal with Atlantic, who released his eighth album Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head in December. It debuted at No. 2 with 179,000 copies.

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  1. N4Vi

    o.O good luck finding one.


    DntJudgehim Reply:

    @N4Vi, Funny how 90% of the comment on this blog says that he isn’t worth it or aint nobody gonna give it to him ..
    But why is Roc Nation & Interscope has express interest in him, or why has Sony offer $50 already …
    I know why CAUSE he is a legend and he is know all of the world && he is worth even more than $5o …


    TI:THE KING Reply:

    @DntJudgehim, THANK YOU.


  2. niugohard

    lol a waste of money. T.I. so wack and all his artists are wack, sorry just keeping it funky. Delusional people who still believe in this guy live in the south. Thats all I hear down here, smdh. They believe in him and their beloved Falcons. OMG. I think they have a problem realizing the truth or living in reality. But they are from the south so what else can you expect. #nuffsaid


    Zayn Reply:

    @niugohard, You know nothing about the South or what Southerns listen to. Continue living in your fantasy world.


    Dan Reply:

    @niugohard, I’m from NJ, and I still love T.I.’s music to this day, ever since ’05 actually. T.I., Luda, Jeezy, and Andre 3000 are the ONLY things going for the south today. That’s right, I said it. Not Ross, not Wayne, not Waka, not Future, not 2 Chainz, you get my point. Only 4 dudes from the south I can actually tolerate. IMO, T.I. deserves a decent deal, especially after Trouble Man, but not a $75 million deal. Perhaps $50-$60 million max.


    Chris Reply:

    @niugohard, Shut the fuck up t.i. The king


  3. magik

    Either Roc Nation or Interscope would be perfect I think for Tip and the whole Grand Hustle crew.

    $75 Million! Dang son!


  4. g

    now i think young dro album will come out seems like it was more of atlantic’s fault than grand hustle they all about making money. he wont sign with dre or jay-z he a boss of himself


  5. smarto

    U worth it bwai,i’ll prefer interscope buh anyways make a choice nd we all stand by u.


  6. Natasha

    As long as I get my Iggy album I’m good!!


    Patt Reply:

    @Natasha, THIS! I hope she goes to the major label too!!


    yung Reply:

    @Patt, that chick has probably been dropped. Tip don’t even associate himself with her anymore lol


  7. killuminati

    please don’t sign under Jay-z. he would be STUPID af if he did.


  8. Robert

    Sign with cash money lmao


    ayee Reply:

    @Robert, lol


  9. Charizma309

    I think he should go for Aftermath


    Charizma309 Reply:

    @Charizma309, i mean interscope


  10. Wow

    No disrespect but T.I. Isn’t really worry that much. Although I love trouble man, his last few albums didn’t sell well. I think he’s reaching awfully high. But if he can pull it off I say get that guap.


  11. MusicJunkie

    He Know Damn Well Thats Nott Gonna Happen Come On Tip .


  12. saio

    shady/aftermath/interscope or atlantic
    roc nation is for new blood like j cole or rita ora not for legendery artists


  13. LOLatHaters

    Good luck with that TI. I dont think anyone will give him that unless they have own rights to every single thing like a 360 deal. His days of selling millions is pretty much done.


    christ Reply:

    @LOLatHaters, you think so don;t make me laugh


  14. dodo

    75. not even remotely close.

    you’re old.

    retire bruh.


  15. KT

    Does dude really think someone’s about to give him $75 mil when he’ll just turn around and fuck up AGAIN and get tossed back in jail… ?

    Smarten up, Tip.


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  17. Kamilmohammed

    I think T.I s a boss him self so he shld sing all his GrandHustle cleu and stay @ atlantic and den move on lol


  18. christ

    roc nation or universal would be dope!!!!!


  19. pete

    get out of here,who will give you 75 million n your last album didnt even go gold trouble man will not even get to 300,000,interscope n dre only sign artists for one million n they become rich,Ti if your a boss start your on company like jayz


    Taps Reply:

    @pete, 312 000 copies sold as of today.


  20. Agdaking

    75 million dollars is chump change! This is money for over a course of some years to not only promote him, but also artist that he has under him.


  21. Russian

    In These bad economic times, t.i.p is never ever gonna get a deal like that.


  22. Hugh

    The size of a record deal is always inflated.

    In 1990 MJ got a “Billion Dollar” record deal. Not exactly. That is how much it could have returned to Sony.
    He did get a $60m advance though.


  23. Lil nate

    hell nvr get that amount of money, i swear on my grandpaz grave..any businessman who wld thnk they investn in this washed up rapper nd his less known crew except for my Man B.o.B is a fool


  24. christ

    somebody would give him that amount o money as for the label go to Dre ou universal!!!!!


  25. Prouy of Uk 2013

    Good Luck on those Record Deal & I hope he sign on the Right Label or it will be Mess up


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