Faith Evans

Faith Evans Talks Biggie’s Murder, Relationship with Lil’ Kim on ‘Wendy’

No matter how many years go by, the Notorious B.I.G. will never be forgotten. During her visit to “The Wendy Williams Show” on Tuesday, Faith Evans reminisced about her late husband and the similarities between him and their son CJ, who’s now a junior in high school.

While the case is inactive, Faith hasn’t given up hope that Biggie’s murder will be solved. “We haven’t laid it to rest. We still very much want to see the person responsible brought to justice. That means more to us than anything,” said Faith, who’s spent millions on lawyers throughout the years. “There’s no point in paying lawyers’ fees and the LAPD isn’t really cooperating.”

Wendy also brought up the “love triangle” between her, Biggie, and Lil’ Kim, who she caught in bed with her husband. “Let’s just say I was there for the rest of the day cooking Christmas dinner, although I knew that was one of the last times I’d spend with him like that,” said Faith of that day.

While she hasn’t seen Kim in a while, she doesn’t hold a grudge. “I’m not trippin’. I’ve made peace, first of all with God a long time ago, especially once we lost [Big]. All of that certainly went out the window. Before he passed away, I removed myself from any ill feelings toward her for that.”

When she ran into Kim at Diddy’s White Party some years back, she went to congratulate her on “Dancing With the Stars,” but Kim looked at her and responded, “Who is that?”

Check out her full interview with Wendy below.

  • Jordan


  • Bawse

    Why does Wendy keep asking these redundant questions? Faithfuls want to know about her next two albums, we don’t care about irrelevant nonsense that happened years ago.

    • Tariq

      @Bawse, because wendy is shady and looked at an opportunity to try and make Lil Kim look bad because she thought Faith Evans would give a shady respond. But im glad Faith didnt feed into it. Ur right that situation isnt even relevant to what faith evans has going on right now. why didnt she ask about her tv show on tv one? because wendy is a sneaky lil somethin

      • Real Hip Hop

        u could be right about this because Wendy has been known to throw shade at lil kim many times. she probably expected faith to say something nasty which im sure Wendy would have loved since she seems to be against Kim in 2013

    • shunteria

      @Bawse, i agree. faith nor kim are even worried about each other present day so i dont know what prompted her to even ask that question, which has already been addressed countless times before by the both of them.


      For ppl to say Kim is a non-factor, she sure shows up in a lot of interviews, blogs, tweets, etc. They come for Kim b/c she’s CONFIDENT in her position (past, present, future). It doesn’t matter if she’s not the hottest now. Nobody has proven to be BETTER, to be ORIGINAL. Remember, you can’t be better than someone if you modeled your career from someone elses past. Don’t care how you explain that FACT! Anybody in the game of rap wants to be the BEST. Kim is one of the BEST, if not the BEST female rapper that did it. Newcomers seem to think popularity makes one hotter than the next. When you’ve weathered what Kim’s been through and added to the music game, I say she deserves the title QUEEN B!

      • LilKim_Worldwide

        @STR8FACTS, Wendy we coming for you again if you shade KIM. The powder head see the fans drag’n her in our tweets. She really angry at lil kim fans.

      • channelPink

        @STR8FACTS, What does female rappers past, present or future has to do with Faith Evans tho? She show’s up in blogs, interviews mainly for stupid ish and not really much for her new music. anyways. Faith Evans look beautiful and classy as always and looks like she has good things coming to her life I wish her the best for working hard and building her brand and continuing her legacy despite many obstacles that came her way over the years.



  • EL

    LOL! Kimmy can be so childish and petty sometimes. But the shade is always thick with her, so what else is new?

    Wendy really loves this.

    • vince

      @EL, Before you start trying to come for Kimmy go listen to Kim’s side of the story. It’s very easy to only hear one side and not look at the other side. Lil Kim stated that Faith and her were ALMOST cool but Faith did some things to hinder that relationship being smoothed over. Lil Kim stated they were about to even do a song together but then some years later the Notorious movie came out. The way Ms. Wallace, Faith Evans, and the producers of Notorious depicted Lil Kim in that movie did not sit well with Kim because she felt she was misrepresented. I wish people would at least be fair to Kim to hear her side instead of assuming the position of attacking her.

      • channelPink

        @vince, Well she should’ve did the mature thing and hit Faith up and spoke to her about like real woman do. Not take it upon her self to be angry and whine like a sore loser she’s always been.

  • key

    after everybody stab u in the back i dont think u will be in the mood to jump in ur rival arms say thank u for been watching dancing with the stars, we all put anger first when are disappoint but i guess she might double think about it say shit i shouldnt. but anyway wish them peace and love, who knows a song together…… u kim

    • vince

      @key, exactly people are so rediculous nowadays. They think they can go around being snake like and expect you to embrace them as if nothing ever happened. Faith Evans is a talented artist and I still rock with her but she knows the reason why Lil Kim isn’t on good terms with her anymore and it’s because of that Notorious movie situation. So I don’t know why she’s sitting there trying to act all innocent and play dumb.

      • Kenya

        @vince, i couldnt have said this any better. regardless of whether u hate or love Lil Kim to be honest Faith Evans and Ms. Wallace know they were foul for how they disrespected Kim these past few years. The fact that Cease, Faith, Ms. Wallace and anybody else who has betrayed, expect Lil’ Kim to be their best friends again is just ludicrous.



  • Paige

    here’s what i don’t understand. everyone who was once affiliated with lil kim and backstabbed her all of a sudden wonders why she doesnt want to rock with them anymore. ummmm hello look how yall did her!!! dont throw rocks and then hide your hands. then try smile and act like everything is all cool. that’s phony. now i see why kimmy dont fuck with certain people. INCLUDING WENDY WILLIAMS shady ass. Remember Wendy Williams is the same woman who shades Lil Kim but back in the day she invited Kim on her radio show as a guest and appeared to be a fan of Lil Kim. The same way she did with Whitney Houston. But before Kim came to Wendy’s radio show she was holding protests in the 90s speaking out against Lil Kim and Foxy Brown’s image and lyrics and years later she invites them both on her radio pretending to be a fan. FAKE SHIT!!

    • Rasan825o

      @Paige, Yeah Yeah you right, that was when Wendy was on her come up. Most people don’t remember that though. She was right at the time though. Look at the slutty turn that female rap took after they burst on the scene. Yeah they were good rappers, but it was more about the sex sells thing than anything.

  • I’m just sayiing

    When faith said “I’m not tripping” it seemed like an out and out lie. When someone is really peaceful and has no ill will that’s not what they say. Long before notorious came out i thought ms wallace was an ill ass drama queen and as far as faith. Anyone who marries someone (on his way to the top) was about to be divorced shortly after when he died. There is PROOF that she screwed tupac and biggie himself believed it. I just don’t call that a wife. To me, faith is just that chick he was with.

    Damn she let herself go. Edges just invisible. Needs a few more tracks to make that hair a winner.

    • Kai

      @I’m just sayiing, this is so true. it is so amazing how faith will try to play innocent like she wasn’t creeping too. ray j even said he saw faith in the studio with Pac back in the day. most importantly what i dont get is why nobody holds Biggie accountable for being the dog he was. He was playing both Kim and Faith.

      • Chupz!

        @Kai, yup. ray j said faith was sitting in pac’s lap. She’s a hoe. And big beat those women to filth and ms wallace sits up in interviews smirking about it. Thats why I know that something is wrong with her.

        BIG was a great rapper. But boyfriend material….eh.

  • Kai

    even tho she didnt say anything nasty about lil kim in this clip i still dont even know why it’s being asked. why not ask Faith other questions like what’s going on with her new tv show R&B divas. if anything WENDY WILLIAMS is the shady mcgrady here. Remember when Omarosa read her for being fake a while back? It shows and i see it. some of the people she is shady to are the same ones she shades.

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  • Tariq

    only reason this post will get views is because Lil’ Kim’s name is tagged into it lol… i see what rap-up’s doing…. but hey Faith didnt say anything bad about kim here. but what i wanna point out is that faith and kim should have never been mad at each other to begin with. they shouldve been mad at biggie’s ass (R.I.P. tho)

  • shunteria

    wendy needs to sit her behind down somewhere. faith evans aint thinking about lil kim and lil kim aint thinking about faith evans. these 2 women have moved on and are focusing on thier own lives. and plus if im not mistaken wendy has asked faith this question before in another interview i dont know if it was her tv show or radio show but she’s asked faith and faith addressed it. let it go WENDY!!!

  • Chupz!

    Every last one of the people that have problems with kim have questionable characters.
    Faith let tupac smash
    Cease in his old interviews he seems like a backstabbing whiny baby.
    Charlie Baltimore seems like an oppurtunist.
    Ms wallace seems like she has problems, I can’t tell no lie. and to let that Notorious movie ride ride…its obvious there were some scenes in there that were made up to just make kim look bad, i mean no one was in the room but her and big.

    They even fixed it so that the fact that kim was the last person that BIG called before he died was a non-factor.

    I think ppl come for kim because of 1) jealousy and 2) her lyrics are so sexual. Sex is one thing that ppl don’t forgive a girl for. You can murder a person and get more respect. It makes her a target and it makes everyone else believe the bull.

  • Shaytan

    If I don’t like u I don’t pretend to. It’s the 1’s the befriend u that turn up against u! @LilKim I died 10,000 at this interview.

  • ItzThaReal

    Wendy didnt suck Bigge dick in the limo? causee i remeber u did.

  • Faithful

    I look at Lil Kim and ask the very same question; “who is that”? Kim looks like a barbie doll that’s been attacked with a blow torch.

  • Sharp Tongue

    Wendy ain’t shit for these stupid ass questions.

  • IV.

    Kim is a ugly bum

  • Ursula

    Let it go. It’s the past. Time to do new things and move on. It’s good Faith is still goin strong.

  • LOLatHaters

    Why the hell is Faith allowing Wendy to bring Lil Kim up on national TV? She didnt have anything else to talk about?

    • Its the Roc

      @LOLatHaters, No she doesnt.

  • Prouy of Uk 2013

    I heard that Kim was pregnant with Biggie baby back in the day in the 90’s. Nice interview

  • #YouWillDEAL

    Faith Evans Looks great good interview !


    i think its funny that when Kim name is in something everyone goes crazy and have to comment and be all on kim top but yet yall dont like her but take the time to comment about Kim this is about Faith cleary Faith WHOLE career is about KIM and BIGGIE and smfh at Wendy she need to get a life and if you look at KIM and say who is that you got to be dum she looks the same its just her nose got broke 2 times by her ex and she had to get her nose like that the girl skin is light because that MAKEUP dickheads smfh Kim takes anybody shine when a post has her name in it

  • yooo

    Everyone including Wendy is talking about the wrong stuff. Faith is one of the greatest singers of her generation, and I cant wait to hear her new album. Hopefully it will be more interesting than the last one. Shout out to Kim though. Been rocking with both of these chicks since “Hardcore”, and “Faith”. Both females possess exceptional talent, and are legends in their own right.

    It’s funny how everyone here talks about some ish they have no clue about.

    • yooo

      @yooo, posses*

  • Coolie J

    LOOVVVVVEEEE Faith!… She’s such an underrated singer and songwriter. Can’t wait to hear more new tunes from her.

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