Alicia Keys Sings ‘Obama’s on Fire’ at Inaugural Ball

Alicia Keys

Like hundreds of thousands of Americans, Alicia Keys descended upon the National Mall in Washington with her family to celebrate the inauguration of President Obama. The Grammy-winning singer watched with husband Swizz Beatz and son Egypt as Obama was sworn in for a second term.

Later in the evening, she changed into a stunning red Michael Kors gown to perform “New Day” and a special rendition of her hit “Girl on Fire” at the Commander-in-Chief’s Inaugural Ball.

She changed the lyrics especially for the occasion, singing, “He’s the president and he’s on fire … Obama’s on fire. Obama’s on fire.”

Alicia later tweeted about the special day. “Today was uplifting in everyway!! And to share it with my heartbeat made it perfectly unforgettable! Here’s to the future!;-) endless blessings!” she wrote along with a photo of Swizz.

The star-studded inaugural festivities also included performances from Stevie Wonder, Jamie Foxx, Usher, and John Legend.

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz

Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys, and Egypt

[Video via Mediaite]

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  3. Aliciasahomewrecka

    That song needs to be buried. It’s on it’s last lifeline. Sorry hoalicia, no ones going to buy your boring album.


    Karen Reply:

    Alicia is doing her thing and it doesn’t matter what the haters think. They’re wrong, as usual.


    maka Reply:

    @Karen, i totaly agree with you. too many haters in this world


  4. Tonya

    I’m nervous for her rendition of the national anthem for the Super Bowl. Her vocals lately have been atrocious.


  5. Lol

    Amazing ALICA


  6. Hollup

    that was……embarrassing. I just wish someone on her team would pull her to the side and say “Hey, look Alicia. I know you can sing. We all know you can sing. But you’re not convincing your fans by doing that dying cat scream thing. I love you, but last night when you sang it was……like someone put a rabid squirrel in the back of your dress and it chewed you alive as you still tried to sing that song.Listen we loved you when you first came out because you were chill and not to over the top with the vocals. You can do your old style of singing because remember this. LOUDER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER


    GTFOH Reply:

    @Hollup, Alicia Keys has no range or vocal control. This means she is not that good of a singer the way people think she is.


    Hollup Reply:

    @GTFOH, she came into the industry singing in lower ranges. She had more control there and to deny the beauty of the style she sang in or her original art form is a major sign that you might be a hater


    pk Reply:



  7. Jay-Me

    I guess the inaugural ball folk didn’t wanna join. She smashed it none the less. Loved the way she’d changed up both songs. She was sounding great.


  8. Realistically

    Swizz Beatz kinda downgraded Alicia Keys social stock. She could have been on Beyonce’s level, but that whole messy mistress situation made her look bad. What is Alicia and Kanye were together, instead? Then it’d be Jay & B, Kanye & Keys.


  9. joey

    obama’s on fire… i just think this whole thing is so corny and sad…


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  11. GTFOH

    and once again Alicia fails to have any range or vocal control. this is who they want singing the national anthem at the super bowl? no


  12. Katy

    WTF????!! She sounded amazing!! what’s wrong with you’all??


  13. Kanye West

    Wow, I’m always stunned when I hear her singing live. It sounds amazing.


  14. AliciaNeedsVoiceLessonsFromBeyonce

    This is what sucking a married mans dick will do to your vocals. Sike Sike. Regardless she still sounded a mess. And it was cringeworthy when the crowd wasn’t responding to her yet she continued pushing it. She hasn’t been able to hit a decent note since her As I Am album. No One started that hoarse hectoring.


  15. Candy

    She sounds great!


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  17. BAWSE

    Great Job Alicia


  18. Tamar | @Amoret_ on TWITTER

    And they want this voice to sing the national anthem?! WHAT!?


    Ursula Reply:

    @Tamar | @Amoret_ on TWITTER, I know! Whyy..? Hell her vocal chords should be on “FIREEEEEE” after all that damn screaming.


  19. Ursula

    I’m sorry. I can’t.


  20. whitechocolate

    I don’t know why y’all are tripping on that performance. That’s the best she’s sounded in a minute.


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  22. Katy

    at least Alicia sings ALWAYS live…not like Beyoncé!!


  23. Karen

    That was over the top amazing and she looked so beautiful. Can’t wait for her to sing the National Anthem. She definitely deserves to do that. I wish her the best performance ever for that day and I know she’ll be great because she always gives it everything she’s got. Alicia is a very brave girl and I wish her nothing but the best and many continued blessings.


  24. Prouy of Uk 2013

    Cute Dress on Alicia Keys-Cook


  25. Fred

    A spectacular tribute by a spectacular artist to the best President we have ever had.


  26. baby diamond

    these songs are amazing


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