New Music: Iggy Azalea – ‘Whatchu Lookin At’

Whatchu Lookin At

Iggy Azalea gives her fans some free music to hold them over until the release of her debut. On “Whatchu Lookin At,” the Aussie rap sensation comes out swinging with some mean bars.

“For the fans, something to keep you happy. love you guys so much,” she tweeted.

Next month, Iggy will release the new single from her upcoming album The New Classic. She will also reunite with Rita Ora on the “Radioactive” tour beginning January 28 in the U.K.

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  1. Patt

    Love Iggy!!!! Cant wait for the album


  2. Righteous

    The most “nails down a blackboard ” voice in the rap game…ugh.


    sean_p Reply:

    @Righteous, so true. iggy loves rap, but it don’t love her back.


    Iconic Iggy Reply:

    @Righteous, I happen to love her voice


    Dan Reply:

    @Righteous, Have you heard Diamond, formerly of Crime Mob? Now THAT voice…….


    FFT Reply:

    @Righteous, so Nicki’s nasally voice isn’t? Or Drake’s nasally voice? Or Lil Wayne’s nasally voice? Really?


  3. Iconic Iggy

    This is a banger!!! Im excited for The New Classic


  4. who gonna check me boo

    hot…. go iggy!


  5. Kevin

    banger iggy goes hard on this track. can’t wait for her debut album the new classic.


  6. vmili

    i like this :)

    I can;t wait for her album! I hope it’s gonna be like the Glory EP, i mean if that’s the EP then it should be, i like her other mixtapes too but she’s best when she’s delivering bars, instead of doing more dance tracks.
    Regardless i love her style, flows and lines, i can’t get enough of her tbh haha


  7. WonderLand19

    Fire!!! Glad she went back to this sound.


  8. #RihannaNAVi



  9. Dreamteam

    Iggy is niceee. You cant compare her to any other female mc shes in a lane of her own.


    yung Reply:

    @Dreamteam, dont get carried away, she hasnt put enough work in to be compared to anyone, let alone establish her own lane


  10. Dro



  11. @BeingRome

    I like it, I mean it’s different and I LOVE originality.


  12. Mark

    this hoe will be nothing in the hip hop community. too much of a ghetto try-hard.


  13. AAA

    this is dope


  14. And Your Point IS?

    Nah this shit is nice. Can’t front.


  15. Iggy Hater

    ‘Them moles’ hahaha


  16. JoJo

    LOVE ITT!!


  17. flysly

    love you Iggy!


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  19. Azealio



  20. Prouy of Uk 2013

    she such a Bad ass Bitch Dope Beat love it


  21. Nicky Nanov

    Love the song!


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