New Music: Nicole Scherzinger – ‘Boomerang’


After landing some hits overseas with her solo debut Killer Love, Nicole Scherzinger returns with “Boomerang,” the first single from her sophomore album. The former Pussycat Doll stays in her pop-friendly zone on the catchy jam about not giving up on love.

“You can break my heart, but you can’t scratch my name/ I can take the hit ’cause I’m a boomerang,” sings a resilient Nicole.

The video will premiere tomorrow on VEVO U.K.

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  1. Henry

    Its so catchy! We love it!


  2. Ayan

    I like it


  3. Sharp Tongue

    It seem all over the place for me.


    A'ron Reply:

    @Sharp Tongue, I agree. It sounded like three different songs. I didn’t get it. If this is the best single, I’d hate to see the worse. She’s got one of the best voices, but poor single choices.


  4. mumi

    I love how Rap-up uses Rnbxclusive’s soundcloud. Seems like they forgot that there is a download-button there.


    letmeloveu Reply:

    @mumi, this!!!


  5. greg

    how the fuck is this generic pop crap r and ? let me guess the chorus goes oooh ohhh ooooooh


  6. Julian

    This sounds like a Disney pop song… Not very inspired to me. :\ Sorry Nicole…


  7. freaky

    Wow! I love this song. I’ll definetely buy it on iTunes when it comes out. You go Nicole!


  8. qqq

    Love it, i want a worldwide release…


  9. Mikey

    Okay. Nothing special, just another one poppish song for little dumb girls and stupid boys.


  10. Chaystic.



  11. ayee



  12. Prouy of Uk 2013

    this song sound like for the Club and Kids that will listen to dance. nice song


  13. martin bennett

    It one of those songs where all the elements of a pop song are there but nothing actually happens.I’ve heard better songs on IKEA adverts.


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