Kat Dahlia Gets ‘Gangsta’ with Acoustic Set

Kat Dahlia

Kat Dahlia made a big impression with her single “Gangsta.” Now the Miami-born rapper-singer-songwriter proves that she doesn’t need a studio to get gangsta, performing a stripped-down version of the song during an impromptu session.

Backed by just a guitarist, the 22-year-old gets in her zone as she tells the tale of her rough childhood.

Signed by music executive Sylvia Rhone, Kat is prepping her debut for release on Vested in Culture/Epic.

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  1. jon

    Raw talent- LOVES!!!!


  2. An0thrDream

    Incredible, this chicks dope


  3. Chloe Spade

    Is this a joke? She sounds horrible!


  4. flysly

    horrible acoustic performance.I think she was trying too hard.


  5. Prouy of Uk 2013

    yeah it does look like she was trying too hard she might wanna take her time instead of trying way too hard and it a Nice acoustic song


  6. amanda

    She did awesome and whoever thinks otherwise, you are fucked out of your mind. I will download this shit 200 mother f-ing times if that was an option.


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