Video: Nicole Scherzinger – ‘Boomerang’

Nicole Scherzinger

All eyes are on Nicole Scherzinger in the sizzling video for “Boomerang,” the first single off her upcoming sophomore album. The Pussycat Doll and “X Factor” alum brings some sex and style as she struts around in the artsy visuals, which were shot in London last year.

The 34-year-old Hawaiian beauty poses in front of a wall of surveillance cameras, lights up the room in a latex dress, and shows off her legs in hotpants and stilettos. Rocking cornrows, she busts out some dance moves against a white backdrop as her image reflects in a kaleidoscope pattern.

See the many sides of Nicole in her comeback clip.

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  1. Fa

    hardcore generic low class electronic noise pollution
    th fact that she is horrific was not enough
    they had to clone her f&^%ing 100000 times!
    A boomerang that should never come back after throwing!


    Jordan Gabriel Reply:

    @Fa, totally agree. As much as I love Nicole as a person and an artist, this is pure garbage.


  2. Hate Nicki

    Horrific song


  3. Dracarys

    SLAYAGE !!
    Oh, you can turn me down, you can throw me now
    The harder out, the harder I come back around
    You can break my heart but you can’t scratch my name
    I can take the hit cause I’m a boomerang !!
    Loving it !


  4. KayeV

    video : 8/10
    lyrics : 4/10
    beat : -7/10 .. thats the laziest beat ive ever heard , way beyond generic or creative .


  5. Zave

    Kim is that you??


  6. carly

    love the song and the video. she is amazing! love her


  7. Jabb



  8. jl_crack

    Nicole Shamazing !!!


  9. Ericolani

    It’s doomed to be one of the best pop songs of 2013! It’s so fresh, fun and inspiring, and the music video is HoOT!


  10. freaky

    I was looking forward to this and it’s AMAZING!


  11. boom boom

    Flopzinger coming with the most horrible song ever! lmao


    mark Reply:

    @boom boom, please, die.


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    [...] Hype Meter: Read More – via @Rap-Up  [...]

  13. georgia23

    Umm… this is pretty bad. The lyrics aren’t terrible, they’re empowering and all that jazz but this just doesn’t work. HOWEVER everyone on this post needs to be honest, if this was Katy Perry’s song, it’d be a major hit. *raises hands* I’m just keeping it real.


  14. #TeamScherzy

    This Song Is Soo Dope . Nicole Got Herself A New Fan . Cant Wait For Her Next Album ^__^


  15. Dracarys

    So strange to see more than 2 -3 positive comments about Nicole on this site ..well I can just say #ScherzyPower
    I’m excited for album actually ,I’m sure she has some real gems on it, better than Boomerang (even tho I like it) .


  16. infamous

    Like it a lot. Girl got talent, that´s for sure.


  17. joe_somo

    These comments are hilarious. Seriously the video, the song are so bad it’s almost enjoyable, from the fact that she has now set the bar even lower


  18. rigls

    easily one of the worst songs of the year


  19. JopaCangrie

    yeees she’s baaaaaaak love the song love the video and love yu Nicole!!!


  20. osu

    poor nicole! she is dying to have a successful solo career but she is just not a star. it worked for her as the lead to pussycat dolls but she is not a star on her own. i don’t think her first album ever got released in the US?


  21. Erick

    OMG I love this song and video! Return of the Queen! Get that #1 Nicole!


  22. Asa


    She’s capable of better and since she’s got the backing, unlike the rest of the PCD members, I expect more from her solo career.

    More interested in literally everyone else’s stuff more, and Kimberly’s last song was pretty awful. S:


  23. Prouy of Uk 2013

    nice Music video and the song is a dance track


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