New Music: Tyga f/ Wiz Khalifa & Mally Mall – ‘Molly’


Everyone’s doing it, and now Tyga gets in on the pill-popping trend with “Molly,” the new single off his upcoming album Hotel California, due March 26.

The addictive record features a computerized hook plus a verse from a weed-toting Wiz Khalifa, who brags about his enormous bank account, while T-Raww is in desperate search for Molly.

Get hooked on Tyga’s musical drug.

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  1. Champass

    i fuxx wit it tho..


  2. vmili

    i like it, Tyga’s style is pretty cool


  3. Jessica

    When will we stop gloryfying “Molly”.

    Most of ya’ll wouldn’t know real pure MDMA if it slapped you in the face.

    Posers! Ya’ll taking rat poison n shit


    SMDH Reply:

    Cuz its all over song everybody all of a sudden wants to be on the Molly bandwagon… these retards keep glorifying this crap!


  4. AmbeRussell

    so i’m guessing molly is the new big thing to rap about eh? guess everyone sees something is the new “it” style, substance,etc and hops on the bandwagon. how originally, a new song about molly, feeling special there tyga?


    dreamteam Reply:

    @AmbeRussell, Lmao. Basically Trinidad James mentioned it in his song All Gold Everything then Tyga took that and used it to his advantage. Its all to make money. I dont think this song is catchy enough to be honest.


  5. roy

    how come tyga and all these other dickrider rappers never ever mentioned molly before about 6 months ago? how come yall rappin about it now? what changed? yall never said shit before…


    ♦CorCor♦ Reply:



  6. FilipinoRell

    rappers hit the bandwagon . thats why i dont listen too often anymore . or just to the instrumentals, since those feel more thought ouit that verses/subject matter


  7. ♦CorCor♦

    WDF this song was horrible…And he wonder why he can’t get as famous as Wayne, Nicki, or Drake…LAME ASS SONG AND HIS ALBUM IS GONNA FLOP! I EXPECTED MORE FROM YOU TYGA SMFH!


  8. K O B E

    Man these shit rappers come up with the shittiest songs with the shittiest artwork. You can fully see how they try to copy GOODMUSIC/DONDA’s artwork. SMH


  9. lhBADA$$



  10. Prouy of Uk 2013

    it should have named the song Mo-lly. nice beat song dope @ wiz k


  11. miss unapologetic

    tacky ass tyga. not surprised tho – he raps about plenty of detestable things!


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