Video: Astro – ‘He Fell Off’

Deadbeats and Lazy Lyrics

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Astro aka The Astronomical Kid uses his criticism as motivation on his new song “He Fell Off,” the first release from his mixtape Deadbeats and Lazy Lyrics, due February 18.

The 16-year-old “X Factor” alum uses his vicious rhymes to silence his haters who criticize his looks, personal life, and career. He raps about getting a co-sign from Nas (“Nas gave me the stamp, I’m initiated”) and putting Brooklyn back on the map.

“Kick lines ’cause they demand it/ I will not lose,” proclaims Astro.

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  1. hellioss

    Old school vibes ! I love it.


    Say What? Reply:

    @hellioss, don’t be mad, but he’s better than Jaden smith.


  2. ,.

    He have this old school hip-hop feel to him,he doing is thing,old school hip-hop heads will love him and some new school hip-hop head will rock with him too who feel for a throw back vibes now and then.


  3. relly

    Whoa…his voice hit puberty

    Cool song. Good he can take what they say and respond through raps


  4. Ice

    This is actually very nice, he might just be next


  5. Axam

    He acted like a pure idiot during his X Factor elimination. Hopefully he gets his act together because his “criticism” wasn’t baseless.


  6. BeingRome

    Lyrically gifted. Astro is definately going places, can’t wait for the mixtape to drop. #DeadBeats&LazyLyrics 2-18-13


  7. pule

    Heya I’m from South africa,I really loved astro’s performance on the X made me to be interested in his music.he’s definitely going places


  8. Kate

    He is so talanted I love him


  9. Sony

    This kid has lyrics for day. Good Job


  10. X

    I just knew he wasnt gon b wack. I got the kid on my radar cuz this was definitely some good shit #right beat #right flow #right lyrics #sky’s the limit. congrats Astro


  11. Gyaz

    I’ll be looking forward to the mixtape. Hopefully it’s a foundation that’ll make his mark on hip-hop.


  12. Prouy of Uk 2013

    Nice Lyrics


  13. Real Sh!t

    This kid is gonnna make it


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