Donald Trump Calls Out Mac Miller for ‘Illegally’ Using His Name on Song

Mac Miller and Donald Trump

President Obama and Rosie O’Donnell have all come under fire from Donald Trump. And now the outspoken real estate magnate is taking aim at Mac Miller for using his name on his hit song.

Trump called out the 21-year-old rapper on Twitter. “Little @MacMiller sent me an expensive plaque for making his song ‘Donald Trump’ such a big hit. Mac, you still don’t have the right to use my name,” tweeted “The Apprentice” boss, who posted a photo of the plaque.

The track, which originally appeared on Mac’s 2011 mixtape Best Day Ever, was released as a single to iTunes. But the accolades weren’t enough to satisfy Trump, who is now demanding that he get a cut of the sales.

“Little @MacMiller, I want the money not the plaque you gave me!” he insisted. “You illegally used my name for your song ‘Donald Trump’ which now has over 75 million hits.”

He even threatened legal action. “Little @MacMiller, I’m now going to teach you a big boy lesson about lawsuits and finance. You ungrateful dog!”

The jabs kept coming. “Little @MacMiller—I have more hair than you do and there’s a slight age difference,” taunted the 66-year-old Trump.

As of press time, Mac had not responded. However, in the past, he acknowledged that Trump was aware of the song.

“I was just excited that I reached the level where someone like that, I’m on their radar,” he told Hard Knock TV. “He definitely thinks that he’s the coolest man in hip-hop right now. He’s like 20 million views… He’s like, ‘I’m pretty proud of that.’”

Donald Trump Plaque

Donald Trump Speaks on Mac Miller in 2011

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  1. Hov

    fuck donald trump old faggot


  2. MSD



  3. 4 chainz

    the song is about 2 years old, but he just says this? wtf


    Hov Reply:

    @4 chainz, the song is platinum now, it wasnt platinum back then, trump is smart, he waited


    Real Sh!t Reply:

    @Hov, but you called him an old faggot what he defently is


  4. Champass

    Hiss..Billionaires..always looking for something to bitch about..go buy a yacht or pay a visit to space..shit..get productive!


    XO till we overdose... Reply:

    @Champass, any 66 year old billionaire who wants to beef with an up and coming 21 year old deserves the worst that can possibly come to him. this guy should be homeless living under a bridge. his money can go to a much better use.


    Champass Reply:

    @XO till we overdose…, ma nigga…


  5. Shae

    Wtf is his problem? He’s always b&tching. Dudes already filthy rich, yet he’s trying to sue a 21 year old artist who is barely mainstream? Wow. I lost all respect for Donald man. His old ass acts too much like a child…. Good luck to Mac with this whole sh*t.


  6. Hannibal

    Hes aknowledged this song and citing Mac Miller the next Eminem. Just because this song has made a bit of money Donald wants some. Just shows that Donald like everyone featured on this site just wants to hustle and make a bit more money he probably does not need.


  7. X

    Stop riding on this bandwagon sh.t… this is promotion nothing more…..


  8. Ursula

    White on white shade.


  9. fyodor dostoevsky

    LOL donald trump is a piece of shit.


  10. SoloSoul

    That makes NO sense, Donald Trump is FILTHY RICH & this dude wanna sue Mac Miller? SMH. i swear rich people ALWAYS want more.


  11. Gyary

    Does the news media have to pay Donald Trump in royalties for using his name?


  12. Frankie

    I thought they killed Hollis Doyle on Scandal tonight.


  13. Lil nate

    get him trump


  14. TonyToneDaChef

    Lmao shows how greedy dudes are

    Like really bro ? Do you really need anymore money?


  15. Prouy of Uk 2013

    donald trump didn’t know that the song is kinda of old that some people already have heard it, and Donald trump need to move on it’s 2013 not 2011


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