New Music: Rihanna f/ Theophilus London – ‘Jump (Club Cheval Rap Remix)’

Jump Remix

Rihanna’s “Jump” gets the remix treatment courtesy of Theophilus London. The globe-trotting rapper, who has been spending time in Paris soaking up the music scene, teams with French producer Club Cheval on an electrified version of the Ginuwine-sampled song off RiRi’s album Unapologetic.

Theophilus is currently working on the follow-up to his debut Timez Are Weird These Days and will play Coachella in April.

Get a jump on his remix below.

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  1. Im Me

    This is dope!!!!!!


  2. valerie

    Actually enjoyed this!


  3. Rick

    Yooooo! It’s crazy how dope this dude is! Mainstream hip-hop fans don’t even know his name and he over seas doing shows and eating good. Much props to ya do ya thing!


  4. Me



  5. kate



  6. mumi

    Please stop using Rih’s name and songs just to push your career. Come up with your own ideas and don’t mess up amazing songs!


    wole Reply:

    @mumi, why are u stupid.


  7. Theophilusss biiiiitch



  8. #RihannaNAVi

    this is just complete and utter shit. Completely ruined a great song from Rihanna


    Molooder Reply:

    @#RihannaNAVi, That crappy ass song was not “great” There are tons of songs on Unapologetic that was great but “Jump” is not one of them IMO.


    tell'em Reply:

    @Molooder, JUMP is HOT! You’re wildin’..smh


  9. mus

    They sampled a song that sampled another song. Whos gonna sample this sample of another sample next??


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  11. Sonnyo

    Lol people are saying this is theo jackin rihanna. Well I personally think the only originality in this rmx song is Theo’. Rihanna can’t come up with orignal lyrics or an original harmony? Stupid ass people lol


  12. CommercialNic

    He Sound Like Wale.


  13. Prouy of Uk 2013

    nice remix of his own verison on it


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