Beyoncé Rehearses for Super Bowl Halftime Show: Day 2 [Video]


Yes, we know what you’re thinking. Yet another Beyoncé post. As she counts down to Sunday’s Super Bowl performance, Bey keeps teasing us with footage from her halftime rehearsals.

In the video for Day 2, she and her dancers practice some fierce choreography as her all-female band performs her 4 album cut “End of Time,” one of the songs likely to be included in her 12-minute set.

Her backup singers also get some camera time, harmonizing to the song, which earns them approval from the boss. Get in Bey’s zone.

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  1. Realistically

    Oh. I’m so excited for this year’s first Beyonce Bowl. Who’s playing again?


  2. deelee

    I LOVE THE MAMAS shes had those background singers for YEARS Bey is so loyal and beautiful.


    Me Reply:

    @deelee, I agree with this whole comment. Loves me some Bey.


    Jay-Me Reply:

    @Me, I agree. I love the mommas.


  3. R

    You mean her back up singers can really sing and dont use auto tune like the 50 Million Fake As# Lip syncer!



    What a megastar !!! She’s everywhere; i love it !


  5. LevelNexter

    The main background singer started out in Tyler Perry’s play “Madea’s Goes to Jail” – Happy to see her career is growing. #swag


  6. Joey

    King B


  7. Aliciasahomewrecka

    The entire performance will be a fraud.


    Still Amazin Reply:

    @Aliciasahomewrecka, LMAO!!!!!!



    @Aliciasahomewrecka, But you will watch it just like you commented on this post !


  8. GSTAR

    all eyes on bey….. while people on africa is starving..smh


    saadkid08 Reply:

    @GSTAR, You’re on a fucking hip hop/R&B site, if you want news about Africa read CNN. Otherwise, stfu and stop hating.


  9. Still Amazin

    I love these lil peep shows to the performance. Makes you even more anxious to watch.


  10. Fab

    YASSS I Cant wait ! Bey is such a great person inside and out.
    All the hate she gets is comical.
    Shes been in the game 16 years, like she said, she loves haters… NO SHADE!


  11. LOLatHaters

    So happy and excited for Bey!


  12. beby

    The mamas sounds so great. Bey is on top


  13. Molooder

    @GSTAR, well why don’t you go help them then instead of commenting on a blog. What does Beyonce have to do with Africa??? I see why her stans go so hard now because you people are ridiculous.


  14. Man-made

    Beyonce is hoodrat.


  15. elizabeth|guthrie

    This woman has so many haters but still manages to shine without a beat. I like how she doesn’t feed into the negativity and the tabloid stuff. She is a class act and no matter how many people try to discredit her, she is so talenetd and is one of the biggest entertainers of all time.


  16. Prouy of Uk 2013

    the hater is letting Beyonce have more moneys then yall hater ass Bitch. Dope Rehearses


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