New Music: Kevin McCall f/ Tank – ‘High (Remix)’


Kevin McCall keeps the bedroom rocking with the remix to “High” featuring Tank. The R&B crooners take it nice and slow as they cater to the ladies on the sensual song, produced by Young Lad.

Signed to Chris Brown’s CBE label, K-Mac is readying his mixtape Definition for a Valentine’s Day release.

Take a hit of their addictive collaboration.

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  1. coco

    slays as always.


  2. nikkr

    nicee. all we need on this is breezy though i think hes busy with other stuff atm…


    [email protected] Reply:

    @nikkr, yea like fighting frank ocean lol…anyway he is werking that picture hunty yaaasss dwaughta lol!


  3. Ice

    This guy is the true mastermind behind Chris’s music, and Tank was appropriate because Kevin has a similar sound to Tank.


  4. AAA

    I’m sorry but he looks so da#n GOOOD!!!!!!!’


  5. wonderland19

    Love K-Mac. His a great vocalist, writer and producer. What I need him to do is work on his stage presence. He hasn’t yet perfected that element yet. Once he does, he will be set. Looking forward to seeing his growth.


  6. Prouy of Uk 2013

    dope music even tho while he’s dating atnm girl


  7. Penny Proud Lil Sis

    Go off Tank….Saaaaaaang!!!


  8. Hannurrrrrrr

    Absolute perfection.


  9. Prouy of Uk 2013



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