Nicki Minaj Meets ‘Big Crazy Barb’ on ‘American Idol’

Big Crazy Barb

She’s been talking about her for weeks. And on last night’s episode of “American Idol,” we were finally introduced to one of Nicki’s favorite contestants, Zoanette Johnson aka “Big Crazy Barb.”

The 19-year-old habilitation health specialist brought the “flava” with her over-the-top performance of the National Anthem during auditions in Oklahoma City.

“I’m a hugger, I’m a fighter, I’m a lover, and I’m an ‘American Idol,’” said the Tulsa native.

She hit all sorts of notes with her dramatic rendition and forgot the lyrics (Mariah reminded her), but still managed to score a golden ticket to Hollywood.

Randy was stunned, Keith fell out of his chair, and Mariah was left speechless. But it was Nicki who was most impressed.

“I love you. I am obsessed with you,” she told her. “Thank you for being a superstar.”

Zoanette’s next stop? Washington. “[Obama] better invite me to the White House,” said the sassy Zoanette, whose favorite “Idol” is Fantasia.

Watch Big Crazy Barb’s unforgettable audition below.

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  1. fck off

    that was mad funny


    RihNaj Reply:

    @fck off, LOOOOOOL when she started Grinding singing “am i going to hollywood” OMG i died!!!


  2. Truth

    Yo that had me dying laughing. This chick is a star. Full of life. If you were around someone like that you would always love life cause shes freaking hilarious hahahahaaa. More people need to be like that. Comedian, can sing and very confident.


  3. Os

    She is so full of life.


  4. lily

    this chick can’t b 19


    jaida eschoe Reply:

    @lily, hey am i red yourcomment and its true she looks like a 30 year old


    KaramelKisses Reply:

    @jaida eschoe, hold up! i’m 30 and look 25 so don’t go there. she looks to be 40ish but maybe she had a rough life or hasn’t learned the art of moisturizing. but when i saw this i was crying, she was the highlight of the night that’s for sure. my husband was laughing too but when she got a pass to hollywood, he was like really? i told him, she’ll more than likely be eliminated during hollywood week.


    Jaye Reply:

    @lily, 19 in dog years…


  5. yooo

    shes hilarious..but this is a singing competition and im still wondering why she was put through.


    BellaB Reply:

    @yooo, the same reason why Fantasia won…

    When I was watching this audition last night, I couldn’t help but compare the two and say to myself…

    “Fantasia non singing ass won, why can’t this chick since she sings almost identical to her plus is mad hilarious”


    Natasha Reply:

    @yooo, she can sing though, she just needs to control her voice. She hit notes that only few people can.


    GOGO Reply:



  6. bobs

    I will buy this bitches album yesterday, today, tomorrow, and next year. BYE Riyawna.


    commanderofthedancefloor Reply:

    @bobs, funny nobody but you brings up another person, pressed much


  7. kate



  8. AKMF27

    All Black Tulsa natives don’t act like this but either way, no hating no shade I’m glad she going thru to Hollywood


  9. Ice

    I almost lost my dinner when I saw her last night, all that stank should be banned, lol. She was hilarious though.


  10. flysly

    she can sing, she just does too much. she don’t look 19 but I love her spirit.


  11. georgia23

    she said she’s 19… ummm… I need a birth certificate.


  12. MusicJunkie

    Mariah Face Tells The Shadiest Tales . Lol This Was One Of The Funniest Auditions I’ve Ever Seen .


  13. Rachel

    Misha B claimed she was 19 on the UK X Factor, sooooo ….


  14. Joyams

    Mariah is such a biiaatch


  15. WonderLand19

    She is amazing!!!!!!! I want her to win!


  16. Oh

    That girl is NOT 19, she looks like shes pushing 50


  17. Da Silva the Queen

    Vahhahhahhahha omg this girl made my day


  18. Hov

    if she’s 19 then the saying black people dont age is false


  19. whitechocolate

    yo this girl is comedy. i can see her having a long career. just needs some training to round out her voice a little.


  20. Prouy of Uk 2013

    Bet that girl is Claim that she’s 19 maybe she is in her 20 or in her 30′s that what she Looks Like. Nice singing


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