« Lil’ Kim Toasts Protégée Tiffany Foxx at Dinner with LoLa Monroe, Lil Mama

LisaRaye, Lil’ Kim, and Lil Mama

LisaRaye, Lil' Kim, and Lil Mama

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  1. Still Amazin

    Rap-Up, get it together. That is LisaRaye, not Lola! -_________-


  2. jeremydante

    this is not lola monroe in this picture with kim & lil mama.


    AAA Reply:

    @jeremydante, lol lmfao dose it matter ?


    mumi Reply:

    @AAA, yes, it also matters like it does with “dose” and “does”.


  3. Flysolobk

    Man Lil mama is skinny AF


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