Justin Timberlake Debuts New Material, Brings Out Jay-Z at Comeback Concert

Justin Timberlake

On the eve of Super Bowl XLVII, Justin Timberlake returned to the stage for his first performance in nearly five years at DIRECTV’s Super Saturday Night in New Orleans. The suave superstar suited up in a black tuxedo and thrilled with old and new material during the hour-long set, which featured some special guests.

With a guitar over his shoulder, he opened with “Like I Love You,” backed by his 10-piece band dubbed “JT & the Tennessee Kids.” He played familiar hits such as “Cry Me a River” and “Rock Your Body,” and remixed “My Love” with Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Ni**as in Paris.”

The dapper crooner also brought out Jay-Z for the first live performance of his new single “Suit and Tie” and had the crowd dancing along during the Timbaland-assisted “SexyBack.”

As celebrities including Paul McCartney and John Legend looked on, JT covered INXS’ “What You Need” and put his funky spin on The Jacksons’ “Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground).”

Concertgoers also got a first listen to two new songs off his upcoming album The 20/20 Experience (due March 19) including “That Girl” and the falsetto-driven “Pusher Love Girl.”

Timberlake will perform at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards on February 10 and play a sold-out show at the Hollywood Palladium the same evening.

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  1. kris_smith87

    The new songs sound dece. I wanna hear the My Love/Niggas In Paris mashup though!


  2. bon

    Lucky ass crowd. They got JT and Jay-Z both on stage. It doesn’t get bigger.


  3. Fa

    This is a Tom Ford event and Justin is allowed to attend!
    That is all!


  4. Kyle

    “Pusher Love Girl” sounds pretty good!


    Natalie Reply:

    @kyle agreed that’s gonna be a instant hit it gives you that 90′s feel like toni toni toni.


  5. Ursula

    Funny how everyone wanted to blame Jay-Z for that flop “suit n tie” calling his verse ignorant and such while this sad imitation of a black boy sings R&B with a guitar in a tux. GTFOH.


    The Beast Reply:

    @Ursula, Lol you’re a fucker. This album is gonna sell at LEAST 600K first week, you just watch. You can’t just hate people with talent. You don’t have to like the people, but at least respect the talent they both have. And don’t bring race into this, this isn’t some racial thing. It’s music, it doesn’t have a race.


    WOWER Reply:

    @Ursula, ALWAYS a hater in the bunch. And since when is #4 on the Hot100 is a flop. Why you so BITTER?


    Raj Reply:

    @Ursula, “Suit and Tie” was a flop, huh? I suppose that’s what it proved your expectations wrong on iTunes and elsewhere. Funny, though. You’re on ever JT post on Rap-Up so apparently he’s doing something right.


    Ursula Reply:

    @Raj, and you’re forever changing your name trolling what I say. Yes it was a flop according to many media sources. Just Google it.


  6. Rich

    so cool, and both songs sound very good, very motown soul, i like it!


    Ice Reply:

    @Rich, Yes, Motown, that’s the word I was searching for to describe it! I love this direction.


  7. Rich

    I don’t think suit & tie ain’t flop that type of music doesn’t go number 1 anymore or never really did. Quality music isn’t number 1 like RnB or Jazz/soul, or music from the likes of miguel, frank ocean, alicia keys, maxwell and even veterans such as david bowie excellent musicians their music appeals to an adult audience and unfortunately isn’t number 1 which it should be!


  8. JHP

    How is “Suit & Tie” a flop if it’s already reached up to #4 on the Billboard, getting major radio play, and bi-passed Sexyback’s first-week digital sales? It’s a good song to get everyone reacquainted with JT again, Jay-Z killed it, and it sounds different from everything else on the radiio


  9. dee

    @JHP….AMEN!!!! People dont know real music anymore because of the crap thats being played on the radio nowadays.


  10. Jay-Me

    I like all three. They all sound like great album songs.


  11. KaramelKisses

    justin is BACK! i love the energy that he & jay have during the set for suit & tie … really feeling that song. why is it that justin, beyonce, lady gaga & adele sound BETTER live than their actual recordings? #legittalent


  12. Morgan

    Love all the songs. Great job, Justin. I’m sure the albumw will be great.


  13. Ice

    YES, he’s bringing classic SOUL back! Death to the current state of Pop music!


    Diferente Mas Igual Reply:

    @Ice, Yeah!!!! Finally a resurrection of Soul! These new tracks show that the album is gonna be great!!! I can’t wait!!!


  14. Yup.

    I freaking love Justin. Always have, always will!


  15. jaykaytremaine

    that bassline on the interlude on “suit & tie” sounds like a slowed down version of some keith sweat song, cant remember the name :(


  16. jaykaytremaine

    egh lol found it! Its keith sweat’s “how deep is your love”


  17. Jay

    Sweet!!! I can’t wait for JT’s new album!!! I just know it’s gonna be amazing!!! :)


  18. whitechocolate

    Glad he’s not trying to sound like anything on radio in the past five years. We need some soul back in music again.


  19. Prouy of Uk 2013

    AMazing I”d love to work with justin Timberlake and do a remix song Pusher Love girl Can’t wait to see him & Jay-z performance @ the Grammy award show Feb-10


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