Jennifer Hudson Performs with Sandy Hook Choir at Super Bowl XLVII [Video]

Jennifer Hudson

Emotions ran high as Jennifer Hudson joined students from Sandy Hook Elementary School for a powerful performance of “America the Beautiful” moments before kickoff at Super Bowl XLVII at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans on Sunday. Looking elegant in a black top and white pencil skirt, the Oscar winner showed her stars and stripes as she belted out the patriotic tune.

“Such a privilege to be performing w the Sandy Hook elementary chorus at the #SuperBowl today,” tweeted J-Hud.

The performance comes a little more than a month after 26 children and faculty members were killed in the tragic mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

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  1. Antony

    She did and looks amazing! Voice of our generation


    Grant Reply:

    @Antony, Yes to the first comment, hell fucking no to the second. Are you brain damaged?


    Victoria Reply:

    @Grant, CTFU!


    Prouy of Uk 2013 Reply:

    @Grant, your brain might be damaged bad ho


  2. Jay-Me

    That rhythmless kid that missed his first step.


    Omar Reply:

    @Jay-Me, He’s a child, you petty fool.


    Jay-Me Reply:

    @Omar, & he amused me. Dumbass. It’s the Superbowl. They had rehearsal.


  3. WonderLand19

    Amazing! She killed that.


  4. Boom;

    That was really beautiful, I would of cried if i hadn’t had makeup on! Really Sad.. But Beautiful..


  5. Trill

    All i can say is damn !Beyonce have to pull out all the stops


  6. Trill

    I guess I spoke to soon


  7. AlwaysTrill



  8. kase.

    she tore it up!


  9. tell'em

    She brought it to church. Good stuff.


  10. Prouy of Uk 2013

    Bet those kids behind her Don’t even know who she is. nice performance


  11. Fa

    Who would have thought Jennifer could rock a white pensil skirt 5 years ago?
    She is an inspiration to all!
    What a talent and voice.
    What horrific tragedies she has overcome and what physical transformations she went through…
    I am speechless!
    Beautiful Jennifer!


  12. Jennifer Hudson Performs With Sandy Hook Elemntary School Choir | Celebrity News & Style for Black Women

    [...] Spotted @Rap-Up [...]

  13. okayy

    Soooo beautiful
    Chicago own. Love her flawless performance.


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