New Music: Tahiry – ‘Devil’


Tahiry is looking to parlay her reality show fame into a music career. The star of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop New York” (and Joe Budden’s ex-girlfriend) unleashes her debut single “Devil,” on which she comes to terms with a love gone wrong. The conflicted Tahiry shares her struggle as she duets with singer Shannon Jones on the track, produced by Cisco Rosado.

Hear her battle with the “Devil” on her musical debut.

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  1. E

    VH1 be gassin these hoes for real


    F Reply:

    @E, YES !


  2. Commenter

    This is awful.


  3. Lean

    You shouldn’t have a gentleman on your song who sounds way better then you at all! But I guess ..


  4. Jessica

    TERRIBLE! You’re 34 tahiry, give it up


  5. Ey



  6. IV.

    I like the version they played on the show… It had less auto-tune and she actually sounded good. The song is not that bad. Producers imo alway manage to fuck shit up when they over produce.

    Less is more.


  7. AAA

    ….it should of been the guy song, because this is not it.its already corny that you on a reality show and you wanna make music now


  8. MusicJunkie

    I’ve heard worst ‘ but we all know she’s not a singer . & thats something that she doesn’t have to be succesful in the industry today


  9. valerie

    The guy is way better.


  10. A'ron

    I’ve heard better music coming from the ice cream truck…


  11. OhWORD?

    Love the beat and the artist singing but when it comes to Tahiry, she sounded lazy!


  12. Im Me

    OMG they should have just given this song to the guy singing…what a waste of a good beat


  13. Kam

    Just No.


  14. WOWzer

    the songs cover art is better than the actual song


  15. Prouy of Uk 2013

    the guy that singing in the background is Amazing but I don’t think music is for Tahiry Right now and who know if manys people downloads her song, some people may not like it. this Produced by Jennifer Williams BoyFriend Cisco Rosado


  16. Sean Coonery

    It sounded better on Love and Hip Hop. The fact that Shannon sounds better than her…idht.


  17. Real Music Lover

    Everyone is saying it’s bad she’s from a reality tv show, but look at Tamar who got famous from Braxton Family Values. But besides that she shouldn’t have seriously gone through with it.She didn’t have the vocal upbringing that Tamar did.


  18. ok

    Waaack as fuck ! get out


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