2 Chainz Celebrates Grammy Nominations at Pre-Grammy Party

2 Chainz

2 Chainz caps off a remarkable year by heading to the Grammys this Sunday, where he is nominated for three awards including Best Rap Album for his debut Based on a T.R.U. Story. With friends and family surrounding him, the “I’m Different” rapper celebrated his nominations at a private party at Vanquish nightclub in Atlanta last night.

He thanked his team and loved ones, while reflecting on his success.

“When I made this album, there was no way in the hell I thought I was gonna get a Grammy nom,” said 2 Chainz. “I’m just very honored. I didn’t do anything different from making my mixtapes. I just basically go to work every day. Practice makes perfect. I think I’m a product of hard work.”

He also shouted out his former label DTP. “Without them, I wouldn’t be here,” he said. “Definitely no hard feelings on my end.”

But he won’t be too disappointed if he doesn’t win. “Whether I get a Grammy or not, I’m gonna continue to strive for excellence and be an example to my community.”

2 Chainz

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  1. Quest

    “Whether I get a Grammy or not, I’m gonna continue to strive for excellence and be an example to my community.”

    Right, Tauheed. Let’s start by explaining to the young, impressionable girls why you degrade women in your songs. In the same token, you might want to explain to the young men why you glorify violence and material possessions.

    Coon ass.


    Still Amazin Reply:

    @Quest, The Hater seemed to comment first. You’re the only coon here clown.


    wt Reply:

    @Still Amazin, how the fuck is that hating. swear people just use that word when they have no comeback .he raised a strong argument.


    212deal Reply:

    @Quest, You are so right. You have to make music that glorifies a loser lifestyle in order to be successful. Thats the only way you will sell. These hip hop artist and execs know the fans want to hear incriminating music. You gotta make a song about drugs like Molly, degrading women, cars, money. Now the lyrics begin to brainwash and define the listener to live out a fraudulent lifestyle.


  2. mumi

    Cute hair, girl.


    xxo23 Reply:

    @mumi, LOL


  3. letmeloveu

    2 necklaces rulez!! that hair not!!


  4. channelPink

    Girl the only reason why you got nominated is because they didn’t like Nicki sh*t.


  5. RealTalk....

    He seems very humble (I could be wrong) but I want Nas to win!


  6. Prouy of Uk 2013

    that Nice of him saying that Weather he win or not win That’s a Smart Man


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